Home and Away's Lynne McGranger hits back over finale backlash

Home and Away star Lynne McGranger has hit back at fans after the latest season finale was labelled a “disappointment” and “anti-climactic” by viewers online.

The popular soap has been known to end its seasons with a shock death or major cliffhanger, and while some fans admitted they enjoyed watching Witness X’s confession play out, others thought it wasn’t dramatic enough.

home and away Lynne McGranger
Lynne McGranger has defended the season finale. Photo: Channel 7

“Well home and away finale was a disappointment, no cliffhanger whatsoever,” one frustrated viewer wrote on Twitter.

Another told UK fans not to stress about the finale because “nothing dramatic happened”, while a third wondered where the “explosion, car crash, earthquake, hostage situation, or runaway bride” was.

twitter home and away fans
Viewers took to Twitter to share their disappointment. Photo: Twitter

However, stalwart of the show Lynne wasn’t taking any of it, addressing the finale on Twitter and reminding fans of how difficult 2020 was for the show, which was forced to completely shut down production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our cast and crew and writers, producers and directors have worked their bums off since the end of May with little or no respite,” the actress wrote on Twitter.

“So I think the final episode is a-freaking-mazing.”

Photo: Channel 7
Photo: Channel 7

Home & Away wasn’t the only series to stop production at the height of the pandemic in Australia. Just like music festivals, fashion week, film festivals and movie premieres which were all cancelled, many of Australia’s favourite TV shows also took a break.


Network 10 and Warner Bros. made the decision to halt production of Locky Gilbert's season of The Bachelor midway until it was safe to continue.

Filming of The Block on Channel Nine was also temporarily shut down, as producers were forced to send contestants back to their home states before border closures were enforced.

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