Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager Dumbfounded by ‘Hack’ for Buttering Corn

Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb

Today show co-hosts Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb couldn't hide their dumbfounded reactions after learning a hack for buttering corn.

After testing hacks for peeling an orange and stripping cilantro leaves from its stem, they approached two ears of corn on the cob and two sticks of butter during their "Can Hoda and Jenna Hack It?" segment.

"We've been buttering corn wrong," a guy in the video declared before demonstrating his "hack" for the task. "Take your iced tea glass, press it firmly down through the stick of butter, lay it on its side and just roll away. You're welcome!"

"OK, why don't we just roll it on the whole thing? Kotb wondered.

Meanwhile, Hager couldn't hide her incredulous response as she processed the hack aloud. "Can I ask a question? So we have to cut our butter in half?" she asked. "What do you do with the other... then you take the rest of the butter that you've cut in half?"

Like a good sport, the former first daughter attempted to replicate what the video showed.

"And first of all, this is creamy. This ain't gonna cut. Y'all, that don't cut," she said as she smashed down the soft room-temperature stick of butter, and Kotb laughed uncontrollably.

Kotb then attempted the hack while trying (and failing) to maintain her composure. As she attempted to cut her stick of butter, it, too, smashed down in a highly unsatisfying way as she cackled.

"I mean, that is just a waste of butter. You guys, there are people that are hungry," a firmly unconvinced Bush Hager said before demonstrating the traditional way of buttering corn.

"You go like this, you get a knife, you put it in a little butter and you rub it on the corn," she continued. "I mean, is that hard?"

Kotb replied, "You know what I love? Forget that hack. Look at this hack." She then used a knife to slice off kernels from the cob.

"That's not a hack," Bugh Hager insisted, prompting another laughing fit from Kotb. "That's just called cutting corn off the cob."

Although the orange-peeling hack seemed legitimately helpful, we're willing to bet the Today show ladies will stick to buttering their corn the old-fashioned way. Thanks for the laughs!

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