Hit Indie Game Cult Of The Lamb Is Getting A Comic Book

Cult of the Lamb comic art

2022’s Cult of the Lamb, developed by Australian indie studio Massive Monster, was one of the best games released that year. It was an absolute riot, and fans absolutely loved it. Now, it’s getting a comic book adaptation.

Massive Monster launched a Kickstarter campaign for Cult of the Lamb: The First Verse, a graphic novel adaptation of its hit game. The graphic novel is to be published by Oni Press, and will be written by Red Goblin writer Alex Paknadel with art from Troy Little.

The Kickstarter was aiming to bring in $10,000 USD, but it absolutely smashed that goal, and at the time of writing has brought in over $300,000. That’s an incredible overshoot, and shows that fans are definitely interested in the project. It also means that a number of stretch goal have been met, including:

  • A bonus digital edition for all physical orders

  • Upgrade all hardcover editions with book ribbons and spotgloss

  • Bonus “I got sacrificed” sticker for all physical orders

  • Bonus Billy Fowler art print for all physical orders

Only three stretch goals remain, at $400,000, $500,000, and $666,666 respectively. The former two haven’t listed actual rewards, with the rewards covered up with a big “Forbidden” banner, while the latter says that they’ll put sex in the campaign rewards, referring to a very famous update to the game last year which did the same thing. How, exactly, they plan to do that is anyone’s guess — it’s probably best not to know.

There are still four weeks left to go on the Kickstarter, and some of the rewards are both reasonably priced and very cool. And given the massive amount of money earned, and Oni Press’ strong track record with delivery, you can be pretty sure it’ll get to you just fine.

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