Hilarious mom shares the phases her baby goes through before a nap

This mom shared the “phases” her baby goes through before a nap and it’s hilariously relatable!

Taylor Monroe (@taylorrmonroe) is a parent and TikToker who has a great sense of humor about her frustrating parenting moments! In a hilarious video, Taylor shared how tough it can be getting her baby to fall asleep at nap time. The video, which is sure to be relatable to many parents, shows the “phases”—some cute, and some frustrating—Taylor’s baby goes through before finally falling asleep for her nap.

The video begins with Taylor lying in bed smiling at the camera. She flashes a thumbs up as music begins to play. “Phases that my daughter goes through before she naps,” Taylor writes in a caption.

Next, the video cuts to Taylor still lying in bed. Now her smile is gone, but her daughter has joined her. The baby repeatedly slaps Taylor’s arms and chest as Taylor stares sardonically at the camera. “Phase one,” she writes. “Domestic violence.”

After repeatedly hitting her mom, the baby transitions to phase two: “Apologetic caressing.” Now, the remorseful baby gently strokes Taylor’s face, as though apologizing for her previous violent actions. “Gentle,” Taylor says as the baby touches her chin. “Okay, thank you.”

Then, the baby moves on to phase three: “Cross reference surrounding objects.” At this point, the baby seems to have lost interest in Taylor entirely. Now, she lies back on the bed and looks around, grabbing blankets and pillows as though investigating them. Taylor smiles and rolls her eyes as she watches the curious baby inspect her surroundings.

Next is phase four: “Contemplate life.” Now, the baby lies calmly under her blanket, with a pacifier in her mouth. She looks up at the ceiling with a serious expression on her face, as though thinking deep and complicated thoughts.

While the baby seems calm and looks to be on the verge of sleep, there is still one stage left before nap time truly begins! “Phase five,” Taylor writes. “Question my existence.” This phase consists of the baby sitting back up and staring at her mom. The baby examines her mom’s face as Taylor stares back, looking mildly frustrated.

And finally, phase six begins! “Nap in full effect,” Taylor writes. “We do this literally every day.” The video ends with the baby finally under her blanket and fully asleep, an arm thrown across her face.

Viewers were cracking up at the relatable video!

“‘Caressing’ is really just my son digging his fingernails into my skin,” one parent joked.

“When she was staring at you I lost it,” commented another viewer.

“I, too, go through these phases,” joked another TikToker.

Naptime might be tough, but at least Taylor has a great sense of humor about it!

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