Hiker Discovers Mysterious Silver Monolith That Appeared 'Out of Nowhere'

"There were no obvious tracks around it and one would think that something like that would cause a lot of mess," said the hiker who discovered the structure

A Welsh hiker stumbled across a silver monolith during a recent hike on the Hay Bluff in Wales.

Craig Muir discovered the 10-foot tall structure in the muddy area of his hike among the Powys uplands. “When I first saw it, I was a bit taken aback as it looked like some sort of a UFO,” said Muir, per The Guardian. “It seemed like a very fine metallic [material], almost like surgical steel.”

Oddly, Muir noted that the structure “looked perfectly leveled and steady, despite the weather being windy," which caused him to wonder how it landed there.

"There were no obvious tracks around it and one would think that something like that would cause a lot of mess," he added. "It didn't seem like it was chucked in there, instead it has been accurately put in the ground."

He went on to share that people can’t drive up the hill, which led him to speculate that a group of people came to the location via helicopter and dropped the monolith from the air.

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Richard Haynes, a photographer who captured images of the monolith, shared with Wales Online that he thought the structure looked “a bit bizarre.” He noted that he originally thought it “might be a scientific media research thing collecting rainwater," before realizing it was "way too tall and strange for that."

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“Then I went up to it and it was about 10-foot-tall at least and triangular, definitely stainless steel,” he added. “It was hollow and I imagine pretty light. Light enough for two people to carry it up and plant it in the ground.”

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Since the monolith was discovered in Wales last weekend, no one has accounted for it or claimed ownership. This finding follows the discovery of a strikingly similar one in England in 2020.

On December 7, 2020, a structure was found on Compton Beach on the Isle of Wight — an island off the south coast of England.

Prior to the monolith off the English coast, three more were found around the world. The first was found in a remote desert in Utah on November 23, 2020. The 10 to 12 foot monolith was then removed five days later.

Then, on November 26, 2020, the second monolith was discovered in the Romanian city of Piatra Neamt. Shortly after the first two were found, a third monolith emerged atop the California Pine Mountain on December 3, 2020.

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