Here's What Makes Buffalo Trace's Bourbon Barrels Unique

closeup of Buffalo trace bourbon barrel
closeup of Buffalo trace bourbon barrel - Irina Mos/Shutterstock

Few spirits are more quintessentially American than bourbon. The corn-based whiskey traces back to the origins of the U.S. itself, and -- by law -- necessitates production in one of the 50 states too. It's a popular spirit style, with over 700 operating distilleries. Yet there is one brand that stands out, both in its bourbon's flavor and history: Buffalo Trace.

In fact, the distillery is a National Historic Landmark due to its status as the oldest continuously operating liquor production facility in the U.S., as well as remarkable preservation of 19th-century equipment. Such a legacy, as well as an outstanding ensemble of releases like the highly-rated Pappy Van Winkle, makes this distillery one of the most venerated producers worldwide.

To craft such renowned bourbons, the distillery's attention to detail extends to its barrels, too. The brand only uses newly charred wood aged for six months before holding any liquor. It's made of a white oak composition, with exemplars going through incredible scrutiny prior to use. Buffalo Trace's selectivity regarding their barrels leads to such delicious tasting bottles.

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Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels Are Made From Carefully Selected White Oak

long hallway of bourbon barrels
long hallway of bourbon barrels - Danita Delimont/Shutterstock

The precise specifics of the barrels used for a buffalo trace bourbon bottle aren't released to the public. As with other types of bourbon, each bottle of Buffalo Trace contains blended liquor from up to 30 barrels. The brand doesn't release the age statement and places the barrels in optimal locations to get the most out of the bourbon and barrel interactions.

After their use for bourbon production, Buffalo Trace sells its oak barrels. Each one has a capacity of 53 gallons and can be utilized by brewers, producing particularly fragrant bourbon-barrel-aged beers, wines, or ciders. The wooden barrel imparts a spice-forward character, with notes of clove and rye.

If you're keen to appreciate the unique qualities of Buffalo Trace's barrels, then seek out one of its single-barrel expressions. Each bottle comes with its own palate, showcasing the diverse range of flavors that are produced by the distillery. They all spend time in white oak, but the resultant palate couldn't be more different. However, as with all of Buffalo Trace products, expect a refined result.

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