Simu Liu Revealed The Less-Than-Glamorous Food Served At The Oscars Ceremony, And I'm Shocked

Simu Liu Revealed The Less-Than-Glamorous Food Served At The Oscars Ceremony, And I'm Shocked

IDK about you, but I love the inside scoop at awards shows. Behind all the glitz and glam, some surprising stuff always goes down. I'll never forget that they served PIZZA IN A BAG at the Critics Choice Awards earlier this year, LOL.

Two photos: Left shows Fantasia Barrino looking displeased in a strapless outfit at a table; right shows a waiter offering pizza in a bag to attendees
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Well! In a recent Threads post, Simu Liu shared his thoughts on the food served at the Oscars ceremony and afterparties.

Simu Liu in a suit sans shirt smiling at an event
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Oscars rating: 3/10. "Jimmy stashed some soft pretzels and Sour Patch Kids under our seats. It wasn’t glamorous but did its job," he wrote.

The Governors Ball rating: 11/10. "This was insane. Wood-fired pizzas, paella, wagyu, sliders, PEKING DUCK?!? I did nothing but inhale food the whole time."

Simu in a suit with a unique brooch, smiling at an awards show red carpet
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Vanity Fair Oscars Party rating: 7/10. "Ah the infamous party with In-N-Out burgers on tap. Can’t go wrong."

Person holding a boxed burger with lettuce and tomato visible
Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images for John Varvatos

Madonna's afterparty rating: 9/10. "Full spread of curry, rice, naan and samosas. I was simply too full lol."

I wasn't the only one who appreciated Simu's insight. Many people in the comments loved the food reviews:

Comment on social media post showing curiosity about food at events

With some people preferring this over the usual focus on fashion:

A social media comment by the user ptbofan saying, "This is far more interesting than who wore what," with 129 likes

And this person commended Simu on his priorities:

Instagram post by user 'charlieboy808' praising Simu for sharing content without food pictures, prompting to enjoy the food instead

But Simu wasn't the only one stoked about In-N-Out that night. I am absolutely obsessed with this image of Steven Spielberg taking a pic of his cheeseburger, LOL.

Steven Spielberg sitting on a couch, eating a sandwich, and looking at his phone
Stefanie Keenan / WireImage for Vanity Fair

So there ya have it!