Here's exactly where you should sit on a plane according to your personality

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It’s the one thing most people dread about when they travel – which seat you will be stuck with on your long-haul flight.

Sometimes you’re lucky enough you do get to pick your seat before hand, but sometimes you’re not able to.

It’s the one thing most people dread about when they travel – which seat you will be stuck with on your long-haul flight. Source: Universal Pictures

However the question still remains, have you been parking your rear end on the plane in the right place according your personality?

Well luckily a flight attendant from Hawaiian Airlines, Kaipo Kauka, has just spilled all the tea to Insider on where you should be sitting according to your personality, which will hopefully ease off the stress just a tad.

For the ones who pass out on a flight

If you’re a person who just pass out on a plane more power to you, we’re majorly jealous.

Your best bet for a smooth-sailing flight is to snag yourself a window seat.

The window is the perfect place to rest your head on, hopefully with a pillow, and you don’t have to get up constantly to let people in and out for bathroom usage or stretching. Win, win, win.

For those with a weak bladder

We get it, some people just can’t hold as much liquid as others. That’s life.

But when you’re on a plane and constantly asking people to move for you to go to the toilet, it’s not fun for you and it’s not fun for your fellow passenger.

If you’ve got a weak bladder, make sure you seat in an aisle seat and close to the bathroom. Source: Getty

Therefore the aisle seat is your best friend, according to Kauka. Bonus points if you can plonk yourself right next to the toilet that way you’ll know you’re in close proximity just in case a loo-based emergency happens.

For the ones who feel the cold

Let’s face it planes are just not the place to feel cosy and snuggled up – the blankets they give really do nothing to keep you warm.

If you get cold easily, steer clear of the exit aisles. Source: Getty

But if you’re a person that particularly feels the cold then steer clear of the exit rows.

“These exits allow external cold air to seep into the aircraft,” Kauka explained to Insider.

For the picky eaters

Ah airplane food. It rarely looks the most appetizing, unless you can afford to fly first class all the time, but the majority of us are herded like cattle in economy.

According to Kauka, those who are in the front rows get first dibs on the pre-packaged snacks and drinks.

So if you fancy stocking up on those complimentary nuts, pretzels or muesli bars and say “no thanks” to the main in-flight meals.

For those who are picky eaters, try sitting towards the front of the plane to stock up on in-flight snacks like pretzels and nuts. Source: Getty

Unfortunately, we can’t give any advice to anyone on the middle seat situation. Because, let’s be honest, that seat is never going to be anyone’s first choice.

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