13 Awkward And Surprising Things That Went Down During Super Bowl LVIII

1. Donna Kelce, Travis's mom, was caught on camera sitting in the arena alone before the big game:

Twitter: @swieder13

2. Rob Gronkowski missed a 25-yard field goal kick for a FanDuel promotion — again:

@MrOverUnder / FanDuel / Via Twitter: @MrOverUnder

3. Taylor Swift and Blake Lively were caught on camera swaying to the beat of Post Malone's take on "America the Beautiful":

@TMZ / NFL / Via Twitter: @tmz

4. After Andra Day performed "Lift Every Voice and Sing," one of the commentators announced that they were going to "celebrate America" after coming back from commercial:

Twitter: @CandiceBenbow

5.There was a weird ad about Jesus washing feet:

Twitter: @davidmackau

6. One of the commentators was singing along to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" during the commercial break, and it didn't sound great:

@adeleonlinecom / Via Twitter: @adeleonlinecom

7. Travis Kelce got really intense with Chiefs coach Andy Reid on the sidelines:

@NFLonCBS / Via Twitter: @nfloncbs

@MavsStan41 / Via Twitter: @mavsstan41

8. Las Vegas's official Twitter account used a picture of the friggin' Blue Man Group to celebrate the game's first touchdown:

Twitter: @vegas

9. The 49ers' linebacker Dre Greenlaw injured his Achilles tendon while jogging onto the field and got taken out of the game:

Twitter: @NFLonCBS

10. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. ran a really bizarre presidential campaign ad mimicking an ad that his uncle President John F. Kennedy ran in the 1960s:

Twitter: @MediumBuying

11. The faux disclaimer before Usher's halftime show warned against "possible relationship issues" from watching his performance — possibly alluding to the Keke Palmer–Darius Jackson drama from last year:

@beydisciple / Apple Music / Via Twitter: @beydisciple

12. Alicia Keys didn't exactly nail the opening moment of her halftime appearance:

@PopCulture2000s / NFL / Via Twitter: @PopCulture2000s

Twitter: @laurencoys

13. And if you think all of that is strange, get a load of what was going on during Nickelodeon's coverage of the Super Bowl...

@big_business_ / Paramount / Via Twitter: @big_business_

@Jadenfire / Paramount / Via Twitter: @Jadenfire

@JWCartoonist / Paramount / Via Twitter: @JWCartoonist

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