None Of These Women Are Real; They're What AI Thinks Each State's Miss USA Should Look Like

Every year, at the Miss USA pageant, each state's contestant dresses up in a "state costume" to represent something unique about their home state. Sometimes, they understand the assignment. Other times, they hold up a sign that says "POTATOES."

Woman in a dress holding a large sign with the word "POTATOES" on it

Which is to say that they REALLY understand the assignment.

Miss Universe / Via

So, we asked AI to show us what the perfect "state costume" would be for each of the 50 US states, and it got a little unhinged. Here's what it came up with:

The following images were created using generative AI image models for the sake of entertainment and curiosity. The images also reveal the biases and stereotypes that currently exist within AI models and are not meant to be seen as accurate or full depictions of human experience.


Beauty pageant contestant in dress designed with layered peanuts, wearing a crown

Apparently, boiled peanuts are a thing in Alabama?


Performer in a bejeweled costume with feathered headdress and wings onstage, backdrop of winter trees

This one kinda makes sense! Alaska = snow. I don't know about the feathers, maybe that's for snowy owls or something.


Model in a vibrant, beaded two-piece ensemble with a flowing skirt on a runway

This Grand Canyon-inspired two-piece dress is actually kind of amazing?


Performer in ornate costume with headdress, sequined bodysuit, and metallic parts on stage with lights

So, it turns out that one of the biggest exports out of Arkansas is airplane parts. Hence...this.


Model in an elaborate green crystal-decorated costume with an ornate headdress

It's giving silicon chips, for Silicon Valley? Or it's supposed to be a sparkly avocado.


Person in elaborate mountain-themed costume

The Rocky Mountains are an obvious choice.


Woman in money-themed costume with dollar bill dress and large dollar sign headpiece

Yeah, they are rich over there in Connecticut. Apparently one of the state's "key industries" is investment and asset management.


Model in an elaborate period costume with scripted text on the skirt

Apparently Delaware was the first state to ratify the US Constitution. They are very proud of this.


Woman in crocodile-inspired costume with headdress and textured bodice, standing on stage

Yeah, this tracks.


Model in an intricately designed outfit themed after Coca-Cola, featuring brand logos and elements resembling citrus fruits

The Coca-Cola thing makes sense, since the factory is in Atlanta. But I thought oranges were a Florida thing? It's peaches in Georgia, right?


Woman in vibrant tropical print outfit with floral headpiece smiles on runway

The hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii, so naturally it's the main attraction on this outfit.


Woman in gown adorned with faux potatoes

Of course it was going to be potatoes. Sorry, Idaho. You can't escape the tater.


Woman in pumpkin-themed attire with elaborate headpiece at an event

So, apparently Illinois is home to Morton, aka the "pumpkin capitol of the world." Big claim.


Woman in a sporty white and black racing-style jacket and pants with red accents posing confidently

For the Indianapolis 500, I assume.


Model poses in a dress made of corn cobs with matching hat and accessories

It's corn!


Person in a sparkling witch costume with a pointed hat and layered dress on stage

They could've gone Dorothy, but they went Wicked Witch of the West instead, and I respect that.


Woman in a sparkling dress with a high slit playing a banjo on stage

Kentucky, home of bluegrass music and this banjo-inspired dress.


Model in a tropical-themed outfit with a headdress, fringed top, and bejeweled floral pants

It's giving lily pad on the bayou. Cute, but I dunno about the pants.


Model in lobster-themed costume with headdress and claw gloves

I would absolutely love to see a Miss USA contestant try to hold a microphone with giant lobster claws on.


Model in a themed costume with oversized footballs and crab claws, wearing boots

Crab cakes and football, that's what Maryland does!


Person in a theatrical revolutionary war costume with hat on stage

Boston, Revolutionary War, etc. Kinda obvious, but I always love a tricorn hat.


Model on stage wearing a futuristic silver outfit with reflective platform boots

Michigan is home to Detroit, aka the Motor City, so...voila.


A woman dressed in a sparkly early 1980s outfit similar to Prince

Did you know Prince is from Minnesota? You do now.


Person on stage holding a saxophone, wearing a glittery outfit with a blazer and pants

Mississippi is the "home of the blues," and this outfit is home to a literal saxophone.


Woman in sparkling bodysuit with expansive arched cape, posing dramatically on stage

I'm gonna assume that's supposed to be, like, the St. Louis Arch.


Model on runway in western-inspired denim outfit with hat, embellished jacket, and fringed jeans

Cattle ranchers, yup.


Woman in ornate yellow dress and hat decorated with corn motif

It's corn! (Again.)


Model on runway in elaborate red and black dress with expansive fan-like attachment

This is either supposed to evoke a roulette wheel in Las Vegas, or it's supposed to evoke the burning hot sun during a Nevada summer.

New Hampshire

Model on runway in a structured, geometric metallic outfit with an elaborate headdress

They're the granite state, and this outfit took that personally.

New Jersey

Person in a leopard print costume with a crown and sparkly embellishments, onstage at an event

I guess it's hard to separate the real housewives from the New Jersey.

New Mexico

Model on runway wearing a futuristic dress with LED lights and a large illuminated UFO headpiece

There's a lot more going on in New Mexico than just Roswell, but the LED lights are cool so I'll allow this.

New York

Model wearing an elaborate cityscape-themed gown and headpiece

A bit on-the-nose, but at least it's not a big apple.

North Carolina

Woman in embellished gown with wing-like attachment, posing on a runway

North Carolina was where the Wright brothers made their first flight, but honestly this looks a little more Leonardo da Vinci.

North Dakota

Woman in elaborate golden gown and headdress, hands on hips, posing against a wheat field backdrop

It's wheat! (Not corn.)


Miss Ohio contestant in white gown that says Ohio on it shrugging on stage

What even is Ohio.


Woman in a sparkling top and black tiered gown walks on stage

Okay, tornado-theme? Sure, they get a lot of those.


Woman in a forest-inspired gown, the dress features intricate tree and foliage designs

Looks kinda printed-on, but I like the redwood theme.


Woman in a thematic dress modeled after a philly cheesesteak with various toppings, holding a large fake sandwich

That is definitely not a Philly cheesesteak. You do not put lettuce on a Philly cheesesteak. How dare they.

Rhode Island

Model in a sparkling gold gown with a large clamshell feature, posing with a dynamic twirl on a stage with aquatic backdrop

Clams, yep, check.

South Carolina

Person in chef attire holding a platter of ribs, posing with a smile, on a lit stage

Mmmmm, BBQ ribs.

South Dakota

A person in a bee-themed dress and hat on a stage

Did you know the state insect of South Dakota is the honeybee? I did not.


Woman in a cowboy hat plays guitar, wearing a fringed and bejeweled outfit

Which Taylor Swift era is this?


A blonde woman with big hair in a patriotic-themed gown, with stars and stripes, giving a peace sign

I'm in awe, her hair adds a full two feet to her height.


Woman in classic white shirt and black trousers with tie waving on stage

Utah is maybe the prettiest state in our country, but it does indeed also have a lot of Mormons.


Woman in winter coat with fur-lined hood on a lit stage; expression focused

I am once again asking you to remember that Bernie Sanders is from Vermont.


Woman in an elaborate period costume with a laced corset bodice and puffy sleeves

It's giving George Washington, I guess?


Person in elaborate Starbucks-themed costume with crown at event

Ah, yes, Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks. At least they didn't go with just a giant cup costume.

West Virginia

Woman in work-themed outfit with hard hat and shovel onstage

Honestly, this is a lewk.


Woman in a crown and sash holding a beer stein, wearing a dress inspired by a beer glass

Wisconsin does indeed love beer and cheese.


Woman in a sparkling outfit with futuristic design, holding a pair of skis under her arm

Apparently there's a lot of skiing in Wyoming, which is great because I need to wear this outfit on the slopes.

What do you think of your state's costume? What should it have been instead? Let us know in the comments!