How to help the oceans

Saturday, June 8 is World Ocean Day, although it might not seem like there’s much to celebrate this year.

From rising ocean temperatures to plastics in the water and dying coral reefs, there’s a lot to worry about.

But everyone can make small changes that make a difference.

From eating fish responsibly to avoiding single-use plastics, simple tweaks to your routine can improve the oceans’ health – and also the health of your family.

Meanwhile, many organizations are tackling the “big picture” issues.

In Hilo, Hawaii, professors Cliff Kapono and John Burns are training students and other volunteers to map the world’s coral reefs before they’re gone forever.

How to help

The Coral Reef Alliance combines new technology and conservation techniques to save the world’s reefs.

The Surfrider Foundation and The Ocean Conservancy work on the many challenges facing our oceans.

The goal of Earth Island Institute’s Plastic Pollution Coalition is to rid the world of toxic plastic pollution.

If you’d like to mark this World Ocean Day by contributing to their work, you can donate to the campaign below or click here.

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