Heidi Klum says her children have to remind her to put a shirt on when they have guests

Heidi Klum says her children have to remind her to put a shirt on when they have guests

Heidi Klum has revealed that her children have had to remind her to cover up before their friends come over.

While the Victoria’s Secret supermodel prioritises having an open relationship with her children, at times she’s had to be more closed off. On the 30 January episode of Call Her Daddy, Klum, 50, talked about the “free mentality” she’s adopted in the household, and how her children have responded to it.

In conversation with podcast host Alex Cooper, the fashion muse admitted how visiting nude beaches abroad has influenced the culture in her home.

“I mean, I try to be like that with my kids,” she said. “Obviously, when you know, no one is there. I’m in my garden also, you know, I’m topless. And they will come, like: ‘You know, my friend is coming over mom, put your top on.’ And I’m like: ‘When have I ever not had a top on when your friend was coming over? Of course I will.’”

Klum emphasised that her intention is never to make anyone uncomfortable, but she prefers to bask in the sun shirtless.

“But they always make sure. ‘Mom, just a little warning what’s going to happen here,’” she continued. “And I’m like: ‘Don’t worry.’ I also don’t want to flash anyone just to flash someone. I just don’t love tan lines.”

Yet, the America’s Got Talent host has been nude in other areas aside from the garden. According to her daughter Leni, who FaceTimed in during the Call Her Daddy episode, Klum’s gone topless by the pool for as long as she can remember.

Leni proclaimed: “I would have birthday parties at the house. Or I’d have friends over, like my boyfriend over. And she tans topless by the pool.”

“And I remember having my girlfriends over and I’d be so embarrassed and like, scared, because usually in like my friend’s families, I never see my friend’s moms tanning naked at the pool,” the 19-year-old added. “But I thought it was normal. And my friends would always be like, kinda stand off-ish but it was so normal in our family.”

What’s more, Leni also talked about how she’d stumbled upon her mom’s surprising stash – her sex closet. “I did when I was younger and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was going through it with my friends. And I was like: ‘Mom, what is this? A microphone?’” she told Cooper. “I really had no idea what it was. My mom got so mad at me after, like, You can’t go in my stuff.’”

“I was like showing it off to my friends like: ‘Look at how cool this is. My mom has a whole cupboard, she has a whole drawer.’ And I snuck them into my mom’s room and opened the drawer, and we were all taking videos,” Leni went on to say.

Klum shares Leni, her 18-year-old Henry, her 17-year-old Johan, and 14-year-old Lou with her ex-husband Seal. The two were married from 2005 to 2014.