Heat Up Basic BBQ Sauce With A Sriracha Mix-In

brush with BBQ dish
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You don't need to settle for the taste of BBQ sauce poured straight out of the jar. Should your palate call for a bit more heat, you can enlist sriracha to upgrade a lackluster recipe or bring a touch of spice to a bottle of one of your favorite brands by adjusting the Scoville levels of the ready-made sauce.

Take the sweet and tangy BBQ sauce you've made for tonight's backyard party and bring sriracha into the equation. Simply whisk the two saucy ingredients together and get ready to coat your proteins and go-to BBQ recipes with a warmer, sweeter flavor. Whether you have made homemade sriracha in advance or have a reliable container tucked away in your pantry, a quick dash of the red condiment in a shallow dish of BBQ sauce is all that is needed to turn up the volume of flavor in your dishes. Baked and grilled baby back pork ribs and foil-packed salmon filets will come to life with this punched-up inclusion.

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Kick Up The Flavor Of Your Favorite BBQ Recipes

brushing ribs on grill
brushing ribs on grill - GMVozd/Getty Images

As you begin to add zingy sriracha to your BBQ sauce recipes, taste your concoctions as you go to strike the right balance of heat. Given its potency, start by adding a small splash (ideally a teaspoon) of sriracha to a shallow dish of BBQ sauce. While it isn't impossible to mute a spicier sauce mix, you'll have an easier time adding flavor than trying to work out an overzealous pour. To kick up the heat factor even higher, sprinkles of chili powder, paprika, and chili flakes can bring added zing so you can create the saucy spice of your dreams.

Stock up your creations of sriracha-infused BBQ sauce to keep in the fridge for your next culinary projects. Dip fries into the spicy sauce, dump it into your next batch of slow cooker baked beans, or open the throttle of the next chicken cobb salad you make for lunch. You can also use your enhanced BBQ sauce to drizzle on top of grilled fruit or kick up the taste of sweet potatoes. With so many flavorful recipe options at your disposal, you may need to make more of this zippy condiment. It will go fast.

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