Heart-Shaped Ravioli Arrived At Costco Just In Time For Valentine's Day

heart-shaped ravioli
heart-shaped ravioli - Katarzyna Hurova/Shutterstock

Anytime a holiday approaches, it becomes impossible not to notice the way everything begins to morph into shapes that represent that festive occasion. Whether it's stars and stripes cookies for Independence Day or shamrock-shaped pasta for St. Patrick's Day, brands are always looking for a way to tie their products in. With Costco often leading the charge for these celebratory items, we were excited to see a longtime favorite return just in time for Valentine's Day; heart-shaped ravioli.

Located by Instagrammer @costcobuys, the Nuovo pasta heart ravioli is available in a four-cheese blend of ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and aged asiago cheese for $9.99. Each container holds two 16-ounce packages of a mixture of red and yellow heart-shaped pasta, which customers had mixed feelings about. "I'm sure [they're] with red dye chemicals. No thanks," commented one disappointed person. "Looks disgusting," wrote another.

The ravioli also had its supporters, though, with many excited about its return along with the potential of future holiday-themed items. "They are so good! Look for clovers for St. Pat's Day, too!" wrote one commenter on @costcobuys' post. "So festive!" wrote another excited commenter. For those looking forward to an affordable Valentine's Dinner option, there are multiple ways to serve these ravioli to impress your loved ones.

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How To Prepare Your Heart-Shaped Raviolis With Love

heart-shaped ravioli package
heart-shaped ravioli package - costco_doesitagain / Instagram

One of the best things about seasonal items returning for multiple years in a row is that it becomes super easy to discover what is the best way to cook something or what sauce is going to be most delicious to pair with them. For example, while Nuovo Pasta recommends cooking them in boiled, salted water, another of the commenters on @costcobuys' post reported the ravioli falling apart too easily in the water. A suggestion many have given for keeping ravioli intact is to simmer the ravioli instead of boiling them.

While some have reported that the Kirkland pesto sauce tastes amazing on the ravioli, Nuovo has also included a sauce recipe on the back of the package, but it appears to change yearly. In 2019, one customer detailed that it was an alfredo sauce, made with ¼ cup butter, 1 cup heavy cream, ¼ cup parmesan cheese, and salt and pepper to taste. "So easy and so good!" they wrote on the Instagram post. Nuovo's website lists the Valentine's Day hearts ravioli with vodka sauce, which may be the recipe found on the back of this year's package.

Unfortunately, some customers have also reported the lack of heart-shaped ravioli at their Costco locations, with one person saying that the employees at their store told them they would have to purchase it online. If you're one of the lucky ones and can find them, the addition of a cookies and cream mini cake would make it a complete sweet and savory Valentine's Day meal.

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