Hear Travis Kelce's Best Attempt at an Irish Accent

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce's recent travel might not've included Ireland, but during a recent conversation about his Singapore trip with Taylor Swift, the football player managed to slip in a good attempt at an Irish accent.

Travis and his brother Jason got on the topic of travel on the March 13 episode of their podcast, New Heights, with the latter asking about the flight plan from the U.S. to the island nation of Singapore.

While mentioning a layover in Ireland, Travis took the opportunity to try out the accent as he said, "Stopped in Ireland, over there in Dublin."

Neither Jason nor most of the viewers gave it a second thought, but one fan during the live premiere of the episode simply wrote, "​​That Irish accent lol," in response to the attempt. While Travis' Irish accent could use some work, he gave it a good shot.

Travis might get a chance to immerse himself in the accent soon when Swift travels to Dublin as part of her Eras Tour, with three concerts scheduled for June of this year. The dates are part of the European leg of her tour that kicks off in May, with France and Sweden her first two stops. With any luck, Travis will visit his girlfriend in Ireland and impress the New Heights fans with an improved Irish accent when he returns.

After the accent attempt, Travis went on to rave about his recent visit to Singapore, talking about the many attractions and "unique" beauty of the country. He also mentioned the well-known Marina Bay Sands hotel that features an infinity pool on the top and said, "Everything over there just seems so nice...It's very well planned out."

While in Singapore, Kelce attended two of Swift's six shows there, bringing some friends to enjoy the impressive performances and successfully turning at least one into an official Swiftie.

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