Haunted ‘ghost’ trapped inside terrifying doll

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They’re pretty creepy at the best of times, but one man is convinced a vintage doll he owns is haunted by spirits after a spate of bizarre and unexplained behaviour.

Paranormal museum volunteer Ben Canham claims the doll – which wears a Victorian-era lace dress – is the culprit behind strange going-ons around him.

Ben claims the doll is the source of spooky happenings around it. Photo: Supplied

“I’ve experienced tapping, knocking and other strange sounds,” he told the Metro.

“Once my bathroom light began flicking on and off, on and off, but the switch wasn’t even moving.”

The Leicestershire local has revealed that a note travels with the doll, and forewarns anyone coming into contact with the doll of its creepy past.

According to the note, the ghost of a woman named Sarah is bound to the doll, while the spirit of her late lover Richard can be found in a box that accompanies her.

The doll is said to be haunted by Sarah, while her lover Richard haunts the box. Photo: Supplied

With previous owners reporting the doll moving positions and the box inexplicably opening of its own accord, the note goes on to reveal how the items were found nearly 30 years ago in an abandoned car.


Thank you for purchasing Richard and Sarah. These items were found in an abandoned car in 1990. The woman who found them took them home.

“After a few days she started to notice the doll had moved positions and the box was open. This happened a few times. She started to hear giggling coming from the room they were being kept in.

“Eventually the activity grew and she found my aunt and asked for her help. My aunt took the items and held a séance. She learned that the spirits names were Richard and Sarah. They were lovers in life and became bound to the items that meant something to them. Sarah is bound to this doll and Richard to the box.

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“We are unsure how they passed. These items were returned as the buyer reported walking up and down their stairs of a night and began to hear a whisper. This freaked them out and the items were returned.

“UK law means that I must state that this is for entertainment purposes only. Paranormal activity cannot be guaranteed as experiencing the paranormal is different for each individual. Please use the white sage incense stick if required. Thank you, God bless xxx”


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