Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright shares new details about her 100-year-old wedding dress

Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright shares new details about her 100-year-old wedding dress

Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright has shared new details about her 100-year-old wedding dress, one year after her nuptials to Andrew Lococo.

The 32-year-old, who played wizard Ron Weasley’s younger sister Ginny in the Harry Potter films, reflected on getting married at a California-based farm during a recent interview with Brides. According to Wright, when she was picking out her white gown for the big day, which took place on 19 March 2022, she knew that she wanted an outfit that was sustainable and “vintage”.

“There are so many beautiful dresses already out in the world full of character and story,” she explained. “I luckily knew of a brilliant vintage bridal salon in Los Angeles called Happy Isles, who have great taste.”

She also revealed that deciding on a dress happened surprisingly quickly, adding: “It only took two visits to the salon and I found my dress. It was surreal at first actually making the official decision, but it felt so right and easy.”

According to its official website, Happy Isles is Los Angeles’ “premiere by-appointment vintage bridal salon”, with a collection that “offers one-of-a-kind pieces from the 1930s to the early 2000s”.

During her conversation with Brides, Wright also shared that, when she bought the gown, she did have to make a few changes to it, as it was missing its “original underdress”.

“The dress didn’t have the original underdress with it as it had likely perished - it being 100 years old!” she explained. “So when I was first trying it on, it was completely see-through. It was quite funny having to imagine the underdress we would end up making for it.”

The writer, who published her first book, Go Gently: Actionable Steps to Nurture Yourself and the Planet last year, said that she completed her wedding look with a pair of silver Prada shoes that she already owned. According to the bride, the heels were the perfect choice, since the straps “were shaped like branches and leaves”.

Wright also said that she used a vintage hairpiece to clip her hair back in a half ponytail on her wedding day.

“I liked the idea my hair could be clipped back into it, so it was clear of my face,” she said. “My hair is naturally so straight, so we added some texture which made it move in the wind beautifully.”

Wright first revealed that she’d gotten married on Instagram last year, when she shared a video of her and her husband’s wedding rings. “Yesterday was the best day of my life,” she wrote in the caption. “Thanks to my husband!!”

Speaking to Brides, Wright also shared specific details about the outdoor ceremony, which took place “among rows of growing vegetables” and included 110 guests.

“The main aisle in the garden is arched with this really cool wooden painted rainbow that everyone walked under to get to their seats. At the base of each rainbow arch, there were big bountiful floral pieces,” she said. “We added a pop of colour with a dusty pink carpet down the aisle. To mirror the rainbow arches, our main floral piece was an open colourful arch.”

Wright and Lococo also discussed their decision to write their own vows for the wedding. “We always knew we would as it felt more personable and an opportunity to really share our love for one another with all our family and friends,” they said.“We wrote them like love letters to each other rather than traditional vows.