Harry Invites Himself on the Hawthorne Family Vacation on the Next Episode of 'Resident Alien'

There was a lot going on in last week's episode of Resident Alien. The best part had to be the faceoff between Harry (Alan Tudyk) and Joseph the Grey Hybrid alien (Enver Gjokaj). Some of those scenes were downright hilarious. This week, we turn a bit more serious as we learn about Kate (Meredith Garrettson) and Ben's (Levi Fiehler) abductions.

What is this episode of Resident Alien about?

After long buried memories lead Ben to suggest a weekend getaway to Yellowstone National Park, Harry invites himself along on the Hawthorne family vacation in the hopes of finding out what the Greys are up to. As Ben tries to make the trip a perfect getaway, Kate is haunted by memories the Greys have tried to suppress.

Joseph has made himself scarce for the time being while Sheriff Mike (Corey Reynolds) is feeling the consequences of his bad decisions after his breakup with Lena (Nicola Correia-Damude).

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How can I watch seasons 1 and 2 of Resident Alien?

Netflix subscribers are in luck! The first two seasons of Resident Alien are available to stream! You can also watch on Peacock with a subscription or purchase episodes or full seasons on sites like iTunes, Amazon or Vudu.

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Will there be a season 4 of Resident Alien?

No word yet if SYFY has picked up Resident Alien for a fourth season, but be sure to use the hashtag #GiveUSRAS4 on social media and tag @SYFY and @ResidentAlien in your posts.

Does Parade have a sneak peek of "141 Seconds" episode of Resident Alien?

Take a look at this Parade exclusive sneak peek of the "141 Seconds" episode of Resident Alien below.

New episodes of Resident Alien premiere Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on SYFY and are available to stream the next day on Peacock or through the SYFY app.

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