Tell Us The Most Shocking Thing That You Heard About Someone You Went To High School With

Love it or hate it, high school is a defining time in many of our lives. And though most of us like to leave it behind, it's always fun to reminisce, or even play a game of "Where are they now?" Some of the stories are sweet, some sad, but everyone seems to have one that is just absolutely batshit.

ferris bueller saying, it's a little childish and stupid but then so is high school
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For instance, any time I hang out with my high school friends, someone brings up the kid who joined a cult where they drank the cult leader's semen mixed with orange juice.

person in shock

And before you gawk, I bet some of you have some even wilder stories. So go ahead and tell us: what happened to *that* person from your high school? What wild story is told over and over? Did someone end up arrested for running a massive con across multiple states?

person asking if they're a con man and the other answers, con artist
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Did you have some wild success story, like a really weird theater kid* who went on to be a famous celeb?

person saying, he is quite famous now though isn't her

*No judgement, I was a really weird theater kid.

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Did something go down while you were still in high school, which still remains legendary in your town to this day?

someone saying, you're a legend

Whatever your story is, we want to hear it! Let us know in the comments and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.