The Hanging Method For Roasted Chicken That's Basically A One-Pan Meal

Roast chicken in pan with potatoes and herbs
Roast chicken in pan with potatoes and herbs - rom_olik/Shutterstock

Home cooking can sometimes feel like an endless repetition of the same three or four weeknight staples, keeping us firmly within our comfort zone for fear of experimentation. Luckily, TikTok contains a number of intriguing hacks to take your home cooking skills to the next level and impress your friends and family with relative ease.

One such hack circulating on the video-sharing app centers on roasting a chicken by hanging it in the oven over a pan of thick-cut potatoes. The resulting meal provides you with crispy and delicious roasted chicken plated alongside some "very crude" fondant-style potatoes, according to the original video. To try this at home, simply season and prep your bird as you normally would before tying it up with a few feet of butcher's twine. From there, hang the chicken from your oven rack by its legs with a metal S hook and let roast for about an hour.

When roasting with this method, you'll need a drip pan to collect any grease that cooks off the chicken. This creates a perfect opportunity to fill a sheet pan with thickly cut potatoes and a thin layer of chicken stock, imbuing your potatoes with rich and savory chicken drippings. In addition to making a delicious meal that has minimal clean up, the one-pan method also serves as a highly efficient way to cook multiple chickens at once if your oven is big enough.

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Should You Try This Chicken Roasting Method At Home?

Hanging roast chickens
Hanging roast chickens - Bloomberg/Getty Images

Though it seems exceedingly daunting at first glance, the method is actually quite easy. The TikToker even has a full-length YouTube video explaining the process in a simple, step-by-step guide which should thoroughly prepare you for any difficulty you may face when cooking this meal. Of course, there are a handful of factors to consider before committing to cooking your chicken in this style.

One TikToker left a comment on the post that reads, "Make sure ur oven is tall enough! Mine couldn't free hang without touching the lower pan." Of course, you'll want to make sure your oven racks are placed on the furthest points from one another, providing you with ample space to hang your chicken, and, crucially, enough room for you to reach in and retrieve it when it's finished cooking.

If your oven is not large enough to accommodate the technique, you could optionally look into getting a vertical smoker, which other commenters speculated would make a perfect substitution. Alternatively, if a smoker is out of the question and your oven doesn't allow for a dangling chicken, you could achieve similar results by oven-roasting spatchcocked chicken instead!

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