'Just a TV thing': Hamish Blake's hilarious jibe at rival MasterChef

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

LegoMasters host Hamish Blake has made a hilarious dig at rival reality program MasterChef, after admitting to stealing one of the cooking show’s iconic ‘tricks’.

Anyone who has ever watched an elimination or immunity challenge on MasterChef will recognise scenes of contestants overlooking competitors from a balcony and cheering them on.

So when LegoMasters used a raised platform for its lego builders to watch two teams face off in an elimination challenge this week, the host couldn’t help but draw the comparison.

LegoMasters contestants watching an elimination challenge. Photo: Channel Nine

“Under the rules of reality television, during a head-to-head build, anyone who’s safe must be elevated off the floor,” Hamish announced, as he and the contestants proceeded to watch two teams race to build the most realistic Lego model.

“No-one knows why that’s the rule, but it certainly adds a lot of pressure!”

He then cheekily whispered to the other contestants: “What, it’s like MasterChef? No it’s not! No it’s not!

Actually, it definitely is.

MasterChef contestants watch a challenge. Photo: Channel Ten

In a piece to camera, Hamish then continued his hilarious dig at the Network 10 program saying the idea was not a “MasterChef trick” it was “just a TV thing”.

Although he then pretended to speak to a producer off camera.

“What’s that? Did MasterChef invent it, did they? Did you work on MasterChef? Did you really? Five seasons? Which ones? Oh, Poh,” he said.

“Yep, it’s a MasterChef trick.”

'Yep it's a MasterChef trick.' Photo: Channel Nine

Viewers loved the subtle shade thrown by Hamish towards the popular cooking series.

Of course the real question remains - who did it better?

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