Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster: wedding details

Nicola Heath

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Hamish and Zoe were married at Wolgan Valley resort

Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster shared their good news on Friday: the young couple had snuck off on Tuesday to get married.

Foster announced the nuptials via Twitter, and her new husband followed with a tweet of his own: "If you heard a "whoop for joy" on Tuesday, it was me; I married my girl! I’m the happiest guy. She seems happy too (phew). #honeymooning".

Details of the private ceremony remained sketchy until today with the story running on the cover of the latest edition of Australian weekly 'Woman's Day'.

The quirky duo added their own spin to the traditional wedding day, entertaining the intimate party of just 22 guests with a magic show instead of a stuffy bridal waltz, and opting for crowd-pleasing Snickers cake for dessert.

Foster, a beauty writer who has published five books (including three novels), wore a custom gown by Steven Khalil, who is rumoured to be designing Rachael Finch's dress for her January wedding, while the groom was decked out in a Patrick Johnston suit.

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While we all might have guessed Blake's best man would be Andy Lee, his longtime comedic collaborator, the honour was bestowed upon Blake's childhood pal Ryan Shelton.

The day wasn't all about the laughs however; romance got a look-in too. The lovestruck groom reportedly gave his new wife a star, declaring "I wanted something that was eternal as a gesture or an analogy for what I think our relationship is like — and it’s bright and fun."

The high-profile couple tied the knot at Wolgan Valley, a lavish eco-resort located a three-hour drive from Sydney.

The Emirates-owned resort is fast becoming a favoured spot for celeb weddings thanks to its winning combination of luxury and seclusion. Michael Clarke married his wife Kyly there in another surprise wedding earlier this year.

Meanwhile the Hamish and Zoe show is currently on a European tour, although the couple joked that Andy would be joining them on their honeymoon.

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