Hallmark Channel Honors the Ultimate Romance Author with Four New Movies This Month

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Hallmark Honors Jane Austen with 'Loveuary' MoviesDavid Astorga

This February, the Hallmark Channel is honoring one of the most celebrated female writers of all time: Jane Austen. Fans of Austen and her work, be sure to tune in to Hallmark for a new Jane Austen inspired movie every week of February.

Her classic novels have truly withstood the test of time, inspiring women for generations and still being the subject of adaptations nearly 200 years later.

"Jane Austen's stories are timeless and continue to resonate with our readers and viewers of all ages. Our movies will bring her beloved characters to life in fresh new ways and honor the many women who continue to be inspired by them," Hallmark Executive VP of Programming, Lisa Hamilton Daily said.

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Loveuary with Jane Austen programming will include four brand-new movies premiering every Saturday in February at 8 PM ET/PT. The first of the four, Paging Mr. Darcy, premiered on February 3. "A love of Jane Austen's stories helps two people to overcome their pride and admit to their belief in love," in the film starring Mallory Jansen and Will Kemp, a press release reveals.

In Love & Jane, "a woman finds guidance from Jane Austen quite literally." Starring Alison Sweeney and Benjamin Ayers, Love & Jane premieres on February 10. Eliza Bennett, Nicholas Bishop, and Nell Barlow star in An American in Austen where "a librarian who thinks that no man can live up to Mr. Darcy gets an unexpected chance to find out if that's true." Fans can catch the premiere of An American in Austen on February 17.

Finally a Sense and Sensibility adaptation, described as "sumptuously beautiful," premieres February 24. Deborah Ayorinde, Bethany Antonia, Akil Largie, and Dan Jeannotte round out the cast for the adaptation.

If four new movies won't meet your Jane Austen quota for February or you're a purist when it comes to Jane Austen's books, then you might be interest in the Jane Austen Virtual Book Club event. The Hallmark Channel Book Club, led by Hallmark Channel's Chief Fan Officer Jenny Forwark, will meet February 15 to discuss Sense and Sensibility along with "this season's Loveuary premieres, the legacy of Jane Austen, and the importance of female-focused storytelling."

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