Halle Berry, 53, stuns in orange bikini during beach day

Halle Berry is throwing off major Bond girl vibes in a stunning new bikini photo posted on Instagram.

The 53-year-old actress shared a picture from a day at the beach and her swimsuit is reminiscent of the one she rocked in the 2002 James Bond flick Die Another Day.

halle berry bikini
Halle Berry shared this stunning bikini photo online. Photo: Instagram

“Never been a shady beach,” Halle captioned the photo.

The orange, high-cut bikini with a belted bra top, from the brand Boohoo, perfectly accentuates her fit physique.


It’s been nearly 20 years since she played Giacinta ‘Jinx’ Johnson in the 007 film franchise and yet the star appears to have barely aged a day.

In one of the most famous movie scenes ever, she emerged from the water in an orange bikini with a white belted waistband, catching then-Bond Pierce Brosnan’s eye.

“The sea was freezing! I had to do it quite a few times too,” Halle once said of the infamous movie scene.

“I went in the water and I went out the water. Then I had to walk up the beach in a 'certain way.’ They kept saying, 'Can you be sexier?’ and I was like shouting back at them, ‘This is all the sexy I got! I'm gonna get hip dysplasia if I try and make it any sexier!’”

The mum of two dedicates much of her Instagram feed to her tireless workouts that keep her bikini ready.

Her most recent “Fitness Friday” posts even showed her working out on the beach.

halle berry beach workout
Halle keeps fit with regular workouts. Photo: Instagram/halleberry

Halle also recently teased that she has a new love amid quarantine. The star, who has married and divorced three times, shared a photo of herself playing footsie with an unidentified suitor.

The last person she was publicly linked to was musician Alex Da Kid in 2017.

Additional reporting by Suzy Byrne.

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