Experts Are Sharing Which Shower Habits You Should Drop Immediately To Prevent Hair Loss

Experts Are Sharing Which Shower Habits You Should Drop Immediately To Prevent Hair Loss

You might be noticing an abundance of hair in your shower, on your pillow or on your hairbrush, making you wonder if you’re losing more than usual. The average person loses 50 to 100 hairs a day, according to the American Academy of Dermatology Association. However, that number naturally increases as you get older.

Hormones, stress and age are the largest contributors to hair shedding. However, hair loss differs from shedding: It occurs when something stops the hair from growing altogether.

Common causes of hair loss include hereditary hair loss, immunity deficiency, some drugs and treatments, certain hairstyles, and harsh hair products. Shower habits are more important than ever for your hair and scalp health, especially if you’re noticing more hair loss or thinning.

Whether your hair is thinning along the crown, part or temples ― or you’re experiencing complete hair loss ― the reasons can range from the temperature of your shower to where you’re applying your hair products to what you apply after your shower, according to Mandy Buechner, a hair loss practitioner and certified trichologist, or hair and scalp expert, at Thairapy Wellness Center.

“Your hair is at its weakest state when wet and is the most vulnerable to damage, so having good shower habits ensures the health and integrity of your hair and scalp,” Buechner said.

We asked experts about the shower habits that may be damaging your scalp and hair health, and what to do instead to combat hair loss and thinning.

Hot Water

A person testing the temperature of water flowing from a handheld showerhead with their hand

Shampooing Too Often

A person is seen from behind, washing their hair, with soap suds covering their head. The image focuses on the act of hair washing

Shampooing The Ends Of Your Hair

Person washing or applying shampoo to their hair, using both hands to gently work the product through wet strands. Only lower half of the face is visible

Using A Heavy Cotton Towel

A person with a towel wrapped around their body and another towel wrapped around their head is standing in a bathroom, looking to the side

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