Hailey Bieber's Rhode Is Launching Its First-Ever Cleanser

Here's everything you need to know.

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When Rhode Skin launches a new product, founder and creative director Hailey Rhode Bieber wants it done with intention. That's why the 18-month-old brand keeps a tight edit with just five hero offerings, including its best-selling Peptide Lip Treatment. But come next week, the rhode family is growing to include its first-ever cleanser — the Pineapple Refresh, launching January 25.

"I started dreaming up this cleanser four years ago before rhode even launched," says Bieber in a press release. "It’s been a long time coming because I wanted to make sure we got the formula absolutely perfect and created a product you’re going to continually reach for and miss when you run out."

<p>rhode skin</p>

rhode skin

The Pineapple Refresh is a foaming cleanser designed to remove dirt, SPF, makeup, and any other gunk without drying out your skin. It has a milky texture, but still builds to a nice lather if you add a bit of water to your hands and rub thoroughly before putting it on your face. This activates the suds, allowing them to cling to the impurities you're trying to remove for a more thorough cleanse.

Before bed, I like using this cleanser for a double cleanse. With a little lather-rinse-repeat, my makeup is gone, and my skin is left soft and clean. I love that the formula is gentle enough to remove my makeup without making my parched skin feel drier.

What makes this cleanser work so well is its star ingredient — exfoliating pineapple enzyme. Pineapple enzymes are a gentler alternative to hard-hitting chemical exfoliants like alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids. Enzymes work to break down the keratin bonds that hold dead skin cells together, allowing you to slough away dull skin to reveal a brighter base.

"Pineapple cleansers offer a form of gentle exfoliation to help get rid of dead skin cells, which helps to leave the skin brighter and more radiant," says board-certified dermatologist Marisa Garshick, MD. "Pineapple is rich in bromelain, which helps to digest proteins, and that's how it can work to gently slough off dead skin cells."

<p>rhode skin</p>

rhode skin

The pineapple enzymes are supported by hydrating polyglutamic acid and soothing green tea. Polyglutamic acid is a humectant (the same category that hyaluronic acid sits within) meaning it draws water to the face. This increased water leads to hydrated, visibly plumper skin. Green tea is a soothing antioxidant that helps calm your skin while protecting it from the impact of environmental aggressors like pollution.

Together, these ingredients join forces to create a gorgeous cleanser. "I love the benefits of fruit enzymes for the skin, so we infused pineapple enzyme with hard-working ingredients like polyglutamic acid and green tea extract to achieve a formula I’m obsessed with," says Bieber.

Plus, the formula is made without potential irritants like added fragrance and gluten, making it safe for those with sensitive skin to try. Because it's made with pineapple, it does have a natural scent, but, it's incredibly subtle. It's also vegan, cruelty-free, and both ophthalmologist- and dermatologist-tested.

If you want a silky-smooth cleanser that will leave your skin cleaner, brighter, and smoother, than Pineapple Refresh is perfection.

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