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'Had my previous ones 10 years': Old Navy's fan-favorite flip-flops are on sale for $3

Flip-flops and sunshine go hand in hand. On a hot summer day, you can't catch me without a pair of these simple sandals on — namely, Old Navy's. The brand's ubiquitous flip-flops have been around for ages, and shoppers always come back for more because they're comfortable, affordable and available in a wide range of colors. While they're already pretty inexpensive at $5, they're on sale for even less. How's just over $3 sound?

Choose from two slightly different styles: One has a smooth strap (shown) and one has a textured strap. 

$3 at Old Navy

Why is this a good deal?

Yes, Old Navy flip-flops won't exactly break the bank to begin with, but right now, you can get most colors for $3. There's no telling how long this deal will last, so stock up for summertime while you can. Get a pair to match a new swimsuit or your favorite sun dress, or pick up a few neutral options to mix and match all season long.

Why do I need this?

You really can't go wrong with a good pair of flip-flops. You can wear them with leggings, shorts, dresses, swimsuits, jeans — everything. Even when I don't wear them, I like to keep an emergency pair in my car in case my feet hurt from wearing heels or another uncomfortable pair of shoes.

Old Navy flip-flops have a soft, flexible strap and a firm but cushy foam outsole that's partially made with renewable sugarcane. If you get them dirty, it's no big deal. Wipe them down or soak them in the sink with warm soapy water — they'll dry quickly.

five pairs of flip-flops in different colors
Get a neutral pair of flip-flops or be bold and choose a bright color this season. (Old Navy)

What reviewers say

More than 8,700 Old Navy shoppers give the retailer's affordable flip-flops five stars.

"I live in Florida. My go-to shoes are Old Navy flip-flops," said one repeat buyer. "I had my previous black ones 10 years, wore them daily, a lot of miles on them. Old Navy flip-flops are comfortable and they hold up for many miles of walking."

"Super cute and comfortable," said another shopper. "We bought 20 pairs so our daughter's cheer team would all have matching footwear at a water park. We chose Old Navy because several moms have Old Navy flip-flops that are 8-10 years old and still haven't broken. Oftentimes, cheap flip-flops will break when one of the straps pulls through the bottom. Old Navy flip-flops don't do that!"

"Get my money's worth out of every pair," raved a third buyer. "These aren't uncomfortable like a lot of flip-flops in this style where the plastic part on your toes rubs on your feet. For the price, quality and comfort, I would recommend these to anyone and everyone!"

Some buyers advise buying a half-size to a size up. "I am a 7.5 in most shoes, but for Old Navy flip-flops, I'm always an 8, so just runs a little small," wrote one reviewer. Said another: "Super cute, comfortable and durable. However, this year the sizing seems off. I usually can wear a size 7 but they were a little too small! Had to get an 8, which are a little longer in the back, but still good summer staples."

Go bright with these citrine sandals — even if they only match a couple of outfits, at this price, why not?

$3 at Old Navy

Consider yourself a really big fan? You can buy in bulk (really)!

Get 50 pairs in black, white or silver glitter to hand out at a party (or hoard for years to come, no judgment). They work out to $2.80 per pair.

$140 at Old Navy

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