Gypsy-Rose Blanchard Posts Emotional Mother's Day Video Nearly 9 Years After Mom's Murder

"It does not go without notice that my own biological mother is not here to celebrate Mother's Day," Gypsy-Rose said in a TikTok video

<p>JC Olivera/WireImage</p> Gypsy Rose Blanchard on May 1

JC Olivera/WireImage

Gypsy Rose Blanchard on May 1

Gypsy-Rose Blanchard remembered her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, on Mother's Day and thanked the other mother figures in her life.

In an eight minute and 38 second TikTok video, Blanchard, who served nearly 8 years in prison after being convicted of second-degree murder in connection with Dee Dee's death, took a moment to explain why she turned the comments off on the video.

"Today is Mother's Day, and I wanted to make a video basically celebrating the really strong and wonderful women that I have in my life that have been mother figures to me over the last eight and a half years," Blanchard said in the video. "I first one to start off by saying I did turn off the comments to this video because I don't want to hear any negative bull----. If you want to talk s--- about me, by all means, I don't give an F. Go do it on your own platform, but I'm not going to see it in my comments."

She then brings up her mother Dee Dee — who was killed in 2015 by Gypsy-Rose's then-boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn, in a plot involving Gypsy-Rose — and the complicated relationship the pair had.

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"It does not go without notice that my own biological mother is not here to celebrate Mother's Day and what I choose to feel on Mother's Day regarding my own mother is that I think the best of her," Blanchard says in the video. "I think about the good times. I think about her as not what she did to me, but I think about her as a person ... Was she a good mom? No. Was she the best mom in the world? No. But she was still my mom so what I choose to feel about her, whether that be guilt, anger, grief, resentment — whatever. That's mine to feel. No one can take away my own feelings about my own mother, and I feel like no one should be able to have an opinion about my mother except for her family and me because we were the people closest to her."

Gypsy-Rose, now 32, is believed to have been a victim of Munchausen by proxy at the hands of her mother for years. The disorder was “first described in 1977 to describe children whose caregiver (most commonly mothers) produce histories of illness to their children and who support such histories by fabricated physical signs and symptoms, or even by altering laboratory tests,” Dr. James Schneider, Chief of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Cohen Children's Medical Center, previously told PEOPLE.

GREENE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE Gypsy-Rose Blanchard, left, and Dee Dee Blanchard
GREENE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE Gypsy-Rose Blanchard, left, and Dee Dee Blanchard

Gypsy-Rose was Dee Dee's only child. She was released from prison in December 2023.

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"I choose to remember her for the good that was in her heart that I truly believe was there," Gypsy-Rose added in the TikTok video. "I have been working for years on forgiveness, and I hope that she is in heaven, and I hope that to some degree I make her proud of at least some of the achievements that I've made in my life in growing up and standing on my own two feet, learning through experiences, because in heaven, they say that all mental afflictions, all physical afflictions are gone, right? It makes you perfect in heaven, so if you take away the mental afflictions that my mother had, then I think what's left is a good person."

Blanchard said she has many regrets, but added that she will say a prayer for her mother and will remember "the good that was inside of her."

After speaking about her biological mother, she gave a special shoutout to her stepmother, Kristy Blanchard, calling her an "incredible, kicka-- woman."

She also thanked a family friend she called "Aunt Vickie" and her boyfriend Ken Urker's mother, Raina Williams, who she said she first met in 2019 during a prison visit.

"She's been such an accepting person of me, like, I never thought I'd be accepted and loved for who I am," Blanchard said. "Take Ken out of the equation, she still loves me for me."

Gypsy-Rose recently confirmed her relationship with Urker — shortly after she announced her separation from her husband Ryan Scott Anderson. Urker and Gypsy-Rose had previously been engaged in 2019.

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While holding back tears, Blanchard ended her video with a heartfelt message for the women in her life: "Thank you for loving me through a time that I felt unlovable and accepting me no matter what, cause that means everything to me."

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