Guys Are Getting Super Honest About Things That Bug Them About Their Female Friends, And Platonic Relationships Really Are Just As Complicated As Romantic Ones

Having a platonic friendship with the opposite sex can be great, but it can also lead to some frustrating, confusing feelings. This Reddit thread where the question was asked, "Hey dudes, what’s something your female friends do that annoys you?" was filled with honest, genuine answers from guys — some I was even surprised to read. Here is what some guys shared:

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

1."Only ever talks about their boyfriend when they want to complain/vent, then can't figure out why I don't like the guy after only ever being told bad things about him."

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2."Date terrible people and then take months to break up after I lay out any future red flags the guy will definitely express. 'I can't believe he's not ready for real commitment. I told you that five minutes after I first met him three months ago. I just thought he was different.'"


3."Act flirty or dumb when asking me for a favor."

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4."Gossip. If I can't do or say anything around you because everything is passed along to friends, family and God knows who, then I might as well not."


5."When they post photos with me to make her boyfriend jealous."

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6."Insist that your mess is clutter but their mess is both strategically organized and necessary."


7."They call me and talk for 20 minutes about their day nonstop. Then, when they're done, they ask if I am ok, and when I start answering how my day went, they end the conversation or dismiss what I'm saying anyway."

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8."Man-bashing in my presence, I don't need to deal with it these days. But it's always a sad reminder of how they might think of you."


9."Asks for advice but doesn’t seem to hear anything coming out my mouth."


10."The line separating friendship and something more is clearly delineated and enforced by them, presuming that the guy will eventually try and cross that line. While this might be true at some level, women always seem to blur that line when it suits them. When in need of favors or help with something, the friends I've had tended to act too friendly and borderline flirty. When they feel attention-starved, they'll do the same but expect me to be like a boyfriend placeholder, oversharing personal information, asking about personal information of my own, and even acting jealous in some situations. On top of that, whatever remains of any female friendship, either what I described above or an actual good friendship, simply dies as soon as she starts dating someone else."

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11."The moment you’re honest and direct, you automatically become a bad guy."


12."I have a coworker friend who always finds a way to make whatever topic that is being discussed about her. I just had a son, and with that comes sleep deprivation. When I came back from paternity leave, I was discussing newborns with some other coworkers. She joined in and said, 'Oh my god, I can't imagine how much sleep you're getting. Or not getting, ha! I feel that. My puppy wakes me up whenever she wants in the middle of the night. It's so tiring. I'm basically a parent, too!' Thank the lord I was too tired to care then."


13."When they ask for advice, do the opposite and then cry to me when it turns out badly. Look, I understand I don’t have the best advice. I don’t have all the answers. But when your boyfriend mistreats you, I give you advice, and you decide to take him back, you’re the fool."


14."They expect girlfriend benefits without providing anything in return."

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15."For me, it is the disappearing for extended periods when they get a girlfriend or boyfriend, then showing up when shit goes sour with their significant other."


16."When you go out drinking with them, and they decide to be a complete liability, not being able to act like a fucking adult and starting fights with random people (including bouncers) because they think that I, as their friend, will do something about it if it goes south."


Is there anything else you could add to this list? If so, share it with me in the comments below!