Guy Fieri Is Launching A Brand New Line Of Spiked Drinks

Flavortown Spiked Fruit Punch can surrounded by fruit
Flavortown Spiked Fruit Punch can surrounded by fruit - Two Roads Brewing Company

There's a party going on in Flavortown. Celebrity chef Guy Fieri, known for his bold recipes and colorful, consistently positive commentary, is cannonballing headfirst into the world of hard beverages. The TV personality and restaurateur is launching his own branded line of alcoholic beverages called Flavortown Spiked in partnership with Connecticut-based brewery Two Roads Brewing Company. The first flavor, which is set to hit stores at the end of November, is going to be a hard fruit punch.

So, what can you expect from a boozy drink made by the man behind Trash Can Nachos (savory and sweet varieties)? An official announcement is still to come, but according to a November 1 email shared with Daily Meal, the new line of drinks was made with a "relentless focus on real fruit, better ingredients, and bolder flavors" and is meant to taste homemade. Speaking to Brewbound, Two Roads co-founder Brad Hittle said that the fruity beverage is reminiscent of "a Hawaiian Punch for all intents and purposes." While only the fruit punch flavor has been announced so far, the Flavortown Spiked line will include both fruit punches and iced teas in future releases.

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Party Punch By The Mayor Of Flavortown

Cans of Flavortown punch on dark surface with fruit
Cans of Flavortown punch on dark surface with fruit - Two Roads Brewing Company

Two Roads Brewing Company is based in Stratford, Connecticut, and while its primary focus is beer, the company isn't new to non-beer drinks: Two Roads also produces its own lines of hard seltzer and canned cocktails. For Guy Fieri's part, Flavortown Spiked isn't the chef's first foray into alcoholic drinks — he owns a Northern California vineyard and sells wine under the label Hunt & Ryde (named for his sons Hunter and Ryder). Flavortown Spiked, however, seems to be more in the spirit of Fieri's trademark pizzazz, with the can art featuring an illustration of the celebrity chef with his signature flames and staple wraparound sunglasses, spiky hair, and goatee.

Hard iced tea, seemingly, is starting to replace hard seltzer as the canned drink du jour, with familiar brands like Dunkin' and Lipton debuting their own boozy brews earlier this year. It's only fitting that the man with the frosted tips would skip the low-calorie, lightly essenced hard seltzer wave and jump right to full-flavored drinks like iced tea and fruit punch — the latter is still a relatively uncommon find.

Two Roads and Fieri have begun teasing the launch on social media, but citizens of Flavortown will have to wait to try the spiked fruit punch until it hits stores at the end of this month.

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