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Groom’s ‘disgusting’ wedding vows set off red flags across TikTok: ‘Honestly scary’

Editor’s Note: This article contains language that some readers might find disturbing.

A wedding videographer captured a groom’s vulgar vows at the altar, and the footage is deeply upsetting viewers all across TikTok.

Jonathan Pajak (@lensculture) gained over 18.2 million views, 3.1 million likes and 38,000 comments when he uploaded the off-color vows to his account.

While we’ve seen unorthodox wedding moments go viral before — like the hot mic that picked up the best man’s “disrespectful” remarks about a bridesmaid, or the bride who was caught making a “crass” joke to the groom — this groom’s vows are waving huge red flags for viewers.

According to the wedding videographer, the upsetting vow saga began even before the groom, Michael Lentini (@fishcatcher777), made his way to the altar.

“Anything you want to say to your future bride?” Pajak asks from behind the camera.

“I hope we have a lot of sex,” Lentini says, staring right into the camera. “A lot.”

Pajak’s video then cuts to the groom opening his vows before his bride, Destiny.

“Only two things are required to keep me happy: Keep my belly full and my balls empty,” Lentini reads. “While you’re amazing at half of it, we really need to get you some cooking lessons.”

Murmurs and quiet laughter erupt around the couple, as the bride covers her face with her vows.

Lentini continues his speech, rarely looking up from the pages, as he mentions wanting to leave her for Margot Robbie, how much he enjoys the sounds of “gagging and headboard slamming” and how the bride now faces the difficult choice of ending the night as a “Toaster Strudel, or a Twinkie.”

Viewers were horrified by the vows — which, as Pajak later revealed, weren’t even the full version.

@ubercustomersupport: “As a divorce lawyer, all I see are 🚩”

@not_a_mild_salsa: “Wait, I missed the joke. This is all red flags 🚩🚩🚩🚩”

@macy19942849: “My jaw was on the FLOOR….. is this real? Immediately no.”

But sharing the groom’s full vows did nothing to comfort disturbed viewers, who were still horrified by what he had to say to his bride on their wedding day.

@beccareinke: “me and my husband have this sense of humor together. but our wedding vows? I’d be mortified.”

@xx.chell.xx: “i wouldn’t be able to keep the disgust from showing on my face… we have this sense of humor…. in private, not in front of family…”

@flowersandfiction_: “so his humor is to humiliate you in front of everyone you know and love? okay I guess”

@hanner.rae: “I could not even FATHOM my future person diminishing me in that way. Like not one single thing about who she is was said. It’s disheartening. I hurt”

@jesspipermo: “Run, girl.”

@emilydwhite: “The look in his eyes is honestly scary”

Many TikTokers requested to see the bride’s vows, which Pajak shared in a later upload.

After comparing the groom’s vows with the bride’s, viewers were shocked.

@andreadt92: “The difference between the two speeches”

@coachmahira: “The way she degrades herself in her speech and thanks him for loving her!”

@mzqueen.taitt.321: “This is the hardest part. Some woman are genuinely in love and don’t see they deserve so much better than what they settled for”

@msnatibug: “I’m literally crying. This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.”

In response to the viral vow exchange, other TikTokers stitched the footage to weigh in.

“In that speech, he demands servitude from her sexually and domestically,” gender equality activist and writer Gina Martin (@ginamartinuk) observed in her response video. “This isn’t a man talking about loving his wife. This is a man loving what a wife does for him. This is a man talking about loving servitude.”

She goes on to say, “In the extended speech, he does say the expected things like, ‘I love you, you’re my soulmate’ … I don’t subscribe to the idea that you can say whatever you want so long as you also say ‘I love you.'”

While thousands of people across TikTok were disturbed by the groom’s vows, the bride herself came to his defense in a comment response — and later, a video of her own.

In response to comments left on @lensculture‘s video, the bride, Destiny Lentini (@destiny010513), wrote, “so im the bride an no this isn’t a red flag 🙃 we have been together for 10 years now and decided to get married right before our 10th year.”

In her own video, Destiny explains, “There is nothing that I would have changed. I loved his vows … [They] showed a piece of his personality, which is the humorous side … I have known him since 2010, this is how he was since then … I knew what I was getting myself into.”

She goes on to defend her relationship against “toxic” labels from viewers, explain why her husband is “too good for her” and apologize to “haters” whose lives aren’t as “happy” or “eventful” as hers.

TikTokers, still not convinced, responded to Destiny’s videos in the comments.

@miss_steffi_mac: “The fact he started his WEDDING VOWS with ‘you’re screwed’ is a big ol’ 🚩. Wishing you clarity and happiness x”

@tangerinenjoyer: “I feel so bad. It’s like she’s been manipulated to believe he’s the best that she deserves. Red flags after red flags.”

@meemeemimi23: “I couldn’t allow someone to speak to me like that especially in front of my daughters. what’s that showing them…”

@danishveganasshole: “I remember my friend once saying to me: ‘No one is laughing. We are all worried.’ It changed everything for me. Left after 8 years. I wish you well”

The groom, Michael, has not made any public comment on the viral video or his wedding vows.

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