“The Great British Baking Show”’s Prue Leith Calls Out the ‘Biggest Mistake Americans Make When Baking’

Leith "loves Americans" despite their overuse of frosting on cakes

<p>MelMedia/GC Images</p> Prue Leith in 2019

MelMedia/GC Images

Prue Leith in 2019

Too must frosting is the death of desserts, according to Prue Leith.

In an interview with Delish, the Great British Baking Show judge and restaurateur revealed that she believes is the “biggest mistake Americans make while baking.”

She was first asked about the major differences between bakers in the U.K. and the U.S. Leith, 84, noted that Americans “like a bit more sugar than” folks in the U.K., and tend to add more frosting than British bakers. “We’d put a smear of frosting, and you’d put an inch of frosting," she said.

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The multi-hyphenate — who is currently judging The Great American Baking Show on Roku — clarified that “too much frosting and too much sugar actually spoils cakes.”

<p>Mark Bourdillon/Netflix</p> Still from the Great British Bake Off

Mark Bourdillon/Netflix

Still from the Great British Bake Off

“It makes it more difficult to eat a big slice because it's [a] sugar overload,” Leith told Delish. “You can taste the almonds or the strawberries or whatever the flavor is better if it's not overloaded with sugar.”

Leith and her fellow judge Paul Hollywood previously spoke about their likes and dislikes when it comes to American cooking during an episode of PEOPLE in 10 ahead of the second season premiere of their American show. Hollywood, 58, said he was shocked by the portion sizes people get served in America.

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“I’ve never seen anything so big!” the celebrity chef told PEOPLE. “In the States, a starter size is like a buffet in the U.K. And a main course would feed a family for a month.”

<p>Mark Bourdillon / Love Productions</p> Still from The Great British Bake Off

Mark Bourdillon / Love Productions

Still from The Great British Bake Off

Meanwhile, Leith had only good things to say. “I’m rather a fan of America. I love Americans. They’re so open and friendly,” says Leith. “They’re not embarrassed to be slightly over the top.”

The second season of The Great American Baking Show is available to stream on Roku devices, the Web, iOS and Android devices, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV, and Google TV and other Android TV OS devices.

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