Gracie Abrams looks unrecognisable with a fresh-out-the-shower fringe haircut

Of all the things on our 2023 Bingo card, Gracie Abrams sporting a gothic fringe haircut, styled in fresh-out-the-shower drenched wetness did not make an appearance. But the singer just debuted a transformative new hair look on Instagram that has us doing a double, no, triple take. In other words, she looks completely unrecognisable.

The four-part carousel post comes as part of an editorial cover shoot for GEN V Magazine. Taking to the caption of her post, Gracie shared more details about the project. "♥️⚔️♥️V♥️⚔️♥️ So scary how deeply kind and talented every single person was on set the day we shot this. I feel forever lucky to have been around to watch everyone do their jobs so well and with such inspiring energy and I am forever grateful to have been included here in any capacity. These people are actually so cool it’s not even funny. Thank you Stephen♥️⚔️♥️," she wrote.

As shown above, the singer is now sporting a dark choppy fringe along with her recently cut shoulder-length lob (aka a long bob). And while this makeover is worlds apart from Gracie's everyday style, we think it's very reminiscent of Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body. Twins, honestly!

Sidenote: How is it that one can look so chic with wet hair when I would very much look like a sad drowned rat?

Perhaps it's all down to the star's glam team, hairstylist Bobby Eliot and makeup artist Sarah Tanno, who would have put time and effort into creating such gothic drama (cc. that smokey grunge eyeshadow look).

Now, I guess we need just to acquire our own glam squad to wait on our every hand and foot for when the London downpours begin...

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