Grab Your Passports: McDonald's Iconic Grimace Shake Is Coming To Canada

Grimace and Ronald McDonald
Grimace and Ronald McDonald - Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

It's official -- the Grimace shake is now available for purchase at select McDonald's locations in Canada. Fans up north who watched the United States celebrate the purple mascot's birthday last summer from afar can celebrate the chain's purple mascot's birthday with a Grimace shake starting today. After some not-so-subtle hints dropped on Instagram featuring Grimace's passport with a Canada stamp, McDonald's has officially confirmed the rumors that the berry-flavored purple milkshake will be available for purchase at participating McDonald's locations in Canada.

According to the mascot's passport, Grimace's "birthday" is June 12, 1972. He is celebrating his 53rd birthday in the Great White North, much to the disappointment of American fans who were looking forward to another summer full of purple shakes and Grimace birthday meals. After nearly a year of curiosity, McDonald's customers in Canada will finally know what the Grimace birthday milkshake tastes like -- but they better not dilly-dally. The viral shake, made with a vanilla soft serve base combined with blueberry syrup to achieve that instantly recognizable purple hue, will only be available for a limited time for McDonald's customers in Canada.

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Grimace In The Great White North For A Short Visit

Grimace birthday meal
Grimace birthday meal - TYangMD/Shutterstock

After the Grimace shake trend went viral on social media in 2023 for the outlandish (and slightly disturbing) things that "happened" to people after drinking it, everyone wanted to get their hands on one for themselves. Last year, the berry-flavored milkshake was only available in the U.S., and this year it will only be available in Canada. Grimace can only be in one country at a time to celebrate his birthday, and Canadians have wanted to share the love since last year's antics. One Canadian commenter on Instagram wrote, "I'm so beyond excited! Welcome to Canada Grimace!"

For weeks, Grimace has been dropping clues about his upcoming travel plans, first with an appearance at a Canucks hockey game and then with a "handwritten" a letter to the McDonald's communications team in Canada that stated, "Surpriiiiise...Hope u didn't have 2 much fomo. I had the funnest bday last year. Think my Canadian besties could use a little sumthin' sweet :)"

The Canadian McDonald's official Instagram page confirmed the news by posting a photo of Grimace featuring everyone's favorite viral Grimace shake in the reflection of his sunglasses, with the caption, "surprise Canada!!1 it's Grimace & i brought my shake 2 uuu -- & i have another surprise 4 u tomorro." Fans in Canada eagerly await what the next exciting piece of news that Grimace has to share, while McDonald's lovers in the U.S. watch from afar with fond memories of last year's birthday celebration.

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