This Woman Is In A "Marriage Situation" And Needs Your Help After Her Drunk Husband Refused To Clean Up His Puke

A woman on Reddit recently shared an incident where her husband got really drunk, puked, and refused to clean up his own mess. Let's get into it.

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For a little context before we get into things: The wife works part-time and takes on a lot of the "domestic duties" of the home — which she is 100% fine and happy doing because her husband works full-time. "We have our own individual bank accounts, and he doesn't pay for any of my bills or recreational purchases," she said, further explaining that he pays 60% of the shared household bills, and she pays 40%.

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So, this incident occurred after her husband decided to have a BBQ with some work buddies. She did all the prep work, cooking, and cleaning for the gathering so "he and his friends could enjoy their time together." Very sweet. OK, let's move on...

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Her husband ends up getting pretty drunk at this BBQ and pukes in their sink. Yuck, but it happens. 🤷‍♀️ The part that pissed his wife off, though, was that he left it and refused to clean it up after she asked him to. "His refusals included, 'I don't know what to do to clean it up,' 'I closed the drain on the sink, and now I can't get it open,' and 'I don't have time to clean it because I work early tomorrow.'"

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The wife, feeling disrespected, explained in the Reddit thread, "I was super upset after him feeding me excuses of why he can't clean up his own vomit. He smelt horribly of liquor and was starting to raise his voice at me when he was explaining he couldn't clean it because he 'had to go to work to pay for all the things we want.'"

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She decided to stop engaging with her husband since he was still drunk and she was sober, but she did boot him to the spare bedroom. Now, she feels guilty and wants to know if she's an asshole. "I feel this makes me the asshole because I didn’t allow my husband to sleep in his own bed." Here is what Reddit users said:

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No! No! Hell no!

In fact, many seemed more outraged about the incident than the wife herself. "Not the asshole! Obviously. Also, by your calculations, he should be taking on 40% of the housework. He can start by cleaning up his own puke," said u/turningtogold.

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"Bruh, even in a frat house, people have to clean up their own puke. Your husband treats you with less respect than I treat my pledges."

"You gotta prove yourself just like everyone else, brother."

"You have every right to feel disrespected. You are asking him to clean up his own mess that he made because he overindulged in a night of drinking. You are not being unreasonable. It is not like he has the flu."

"I won't back down."

"I can't stand people who drink irresponsibly. He threw up, and he gets to clean it up. Not you. Oh, and also, if he had to work the next day, why the everloving fuck would he have friends over and get drunk?"

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"He isn't a child, ill, or disabled. He can clean up his own vomit. How rude of him to treat you this way."


"You're not an asshole, but your husband is a big one. He drinks to excess and can’t hold his liquor. He puked all over because of his drinking — not because he was sick, as I am sure you would have cleaned it then. You bent over backward to give him his time with his friends. He should grow up and clean it himself."

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The consensus is clear. But we want to get your insight as well. Share your perspective and thoughts in the comments!