Gordon Ramsay's Secret Ingredient For Unbeatable Tartar Sauce

bowl of tartar sauce with lemon
bowl of tartar sauce with lemon - Louno_m/Getty Images

What are the makings of a good tartar sauce? The popular condiment, usually made from mayonnaise, is a creamy, tangy sauce most frequently paired with fried fish. The rich creaminess of the sauce is a perfect complement to light, flaky fish and other seafood. But a heavy, mayo-based tartar sauce can sometimes overpower whatever it touches, especially if you use too much.

Gordon Ramsay, renowned British celebrity chef and host of Hell's Kitchen, definitely knows a thing or two about making fish and chips, a signature British meal. But Ramsay doesn't rely on just mayonnaise to get the job done. He adds a special ingredient to help bring a little lightness to the rich sauce: Crème fraîche. Crème fraîche has a thicker, more luscious textural quality than mayonnaise. When blended with mayo, it incorporates easily and gives the sauce an irresistible, velvety texture. Add in Ramsay's other favorite tartar sauce ingredients like chopped gherkins, lemon juice, and hot sauce, and you'll never pass up on making an easy homemade tartar sauce again.

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How Crème Fraîche Elevates Tartar Sauce And Other Foods

bowl of creme fraiche, wooden spoon
bowl of creme fraiche, wooden spoon - Picture Partners/Shutterstock

Tartar sauce gets much of its tang from the briny gherkins (or pickles) and bright lemon juice. But the tang in crème fraîche adds a new dimension to the mayo because it's made similarly to sour cream. The thickness comes from the high amount of fat, making for a robust texture. But despite its richness, crème fraîche still manages to taste, well, fresh. So your tartar sauce is getting an upgrade in both taste and texture.

Crème fraîche can be used as a sour cream alternative, but the reverse can also be true for Gordon Ramsay's tartar sauce recipe. Add in a bit of sour cream if you don't have crème fraîche on hand, and you can give your tartar sauce the extra tang you're looking for. Just keep in mind that the sour cream's texture won't be as thick or as rich as crème fraîche.

Try out Ramsay's fish and chips recipe to serve alongside his elevated take on tartar sauce. Ramsay loves to include curry powder in his fried fish batter to amp up the heat, which the tartar sauce will perfectly balance. Don't stop at fried fish! Use your tangy and bright crème fraîche tartar sauce as a sandwich spread, served alongside fish cakes, or even as an alternative to sour cream for a baked potato.

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