Gordon Ramsay's Brilliant Tip To Stop Plastic Wrap From Sticking To Itself

Close up of Gordon Ramsay
Close up of Gordon Ramsay - Stu Forster/Getty Images

Plastic cling wrap is one of those inventions that doesn't get the accolades it deserves. This wrap has so many uses. From wrapping up leftovers to ensuring you can roll out and transfer a perfect pie crust to its tin to using it like Gordon Ramsay to cover a cutting board as he does in his MasterClass lessons, plastic cling wrap is a kitchen essential. However, its one drawback is that it sticks to itself and doesn't always stay in place. But don't fret, because Ramsay's ultimate cooking tip may be the genius way he deals with this pesky plastic wrap when it doesn't want to behave. Ramsay recommends dampening the surface of whatever you are using it on and the cling wrap will stay put.

This little hack, which is easy to perform, can make all the difference when you are making beef wellington and you need to layer that prosciutto and mushroom mixture before adding the tenderloin and rolling it into a log. It also comes in handy when you are making an easy pumpkin roll cake with cream cheese filling or any type of dish that needs to go in the fridge to set.

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Use It On Bowls And Pans, Too

Salad bowl covered with cling wrap
Salad bowl covered with cling wrap - New Africa/Shutterstock

Why does water improve your plastic cling wrap's ability to stick to what you want it to stick to? Gordon Ramsay's trick works because this wrap is comprised of a sticky material known as polyethylene. While this substance's raison d'être is to stick, when you make a surface wet, that moisture increases cling wrap's ability to stick to things creating a stronger adhesion so it doesn't move around.  While Ramsay demonstrates this trick on a cutting board, you can use this hack to help with other tricky cling wrap problems.

Use this tip if your cling wrap isn't sticking to your salad bowls, plates of leftovers, sheet pan desserts, and casserole dishes that need to be covered. Just moisten the rim of the bowl, pie tin, or whatever you happen to be covering, and you will discover your plastic cling wrap magically stays put. This can help eliminate foods from drying out in the fridge while extending their shelf life by keeping out moisture and air.

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