Gordon Ramsay Actually Approves A TikToker's Dorm-Room Filet Mignon

Gordon Ramsay smiling
Gordon Ramsay smiling - Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

Gordon Ramsay always has something to say when it comes to the food side of TikTok. He frequently duets videos of chefs or at-home cooks showing their recipes to give his take on them. With 39 million followers, people love his content. His reactions are usually an iconic Gordon Ramsay roast or a more infrequent nod of approval. Although he's known for humbling people, he gives praise when it's merited, as he did in a recent TikTok reaction video to user @lazypotnoodle, who artfully cooked a filet mignon in their college dorm.

The TikTok creator Lazy Pot Noodle has become somewhat of a viral sensation, with over 900,000 followers and millions of views on their TikTok videos. Their cooking happens inside a slow cooker and, controversially, on their dorm room bed while they watch shows. Oil splatter and sauce stains on the blanket? Forget about them. From birria tacos to lobster mac and cheese, Lazy Pot Noodles has proven that fine dorm-room dining is possible.

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'This Kid Knows What They're Doing!'

filet mignon in slow cooker
filet mignon in slow cooker - TikTok

Gordon Ramsay had some great feedback and words of encouragement. Right off the bat, Ramsay was caught off guard by the meal's ambition. "Kid, what happened to three-dollar ramen? We've been upgraded to a five-star steak," he exclaimed as Lazy Pot Noodle began to season the steak and heat the crock pot. They cooked the steak using a butter basting method, which, according to Ramsay, was "beautifully done," then added garlic and a sprig of rosemary. Ramsay was truly invested in this cooking quest, commenting, "Don't slice it too early. Let it rest first," and then voicing approval when Lazy Pot Noodle proceeded to execute each step of the dish perfectly. The result? A beautiful filet mignon that was perfectly pink.

Viewers of the video were surprised that Ramsay had so many nice things to say. Many left comments about how happy Ramsay looked, with one user saying, "This is the first time I've seen him so impressed." Another observant viewer wondered why Ramsay didn't criticize the use of jarred garlic, but you have to give Lazy Pot Noodle some credit. This is a college dorm meal, after all!

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