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Google gives Chromebook owners three months of GeForce Now cloud gaming

Cloud Gaming Chromebook owners get access to the higher-end Ultimate tier.


Google announced today that all Chromebook owners can claim three free months of GeForce Now. Most Chromebook users will get a (usually $10 per month) GeForce Now Priority subscription, while owners of Cloud Gaming Chromebooks will receive access to the Ultimate tier (typically $20 per month). The company is tying the promotion to Baldur’s Gate 3 launch on Nvidia’s cloud gaming service.

Standard Chromebook owners can claim three months of GeForce Now Priority, which uses a “premium rig” in the cloud that maxes out at 1080p / 60 FPS streaming and six-hour gaming sessions. Meanwhile, folks who bought a Cloud Gaming Chromebook can claim three months of GeForce Now Ultimate, which boosts performance to an RTX 4080, 4K resolution, 120 FPS and eight-hour sessions.

GeForce Now, launched publicly in 2020 after nearly five years in beta, offers instant access to a computer with much greater horsepower than a Chromebook — without worrying about updates, patches or graphic settings. But, of course, you’ll need at least a decently fast and low-latency internet connection to stream the games from Nvidia’s servers.

Building and accessing your library on Nvidia’s service can be a bit clunky compared to rivals like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the now-defunct Stadia: You’ll need to link your Steam, Epic Games Store, the Microsoft Store or Ubisoft Connect store accounts (among others) to see which of your purchased titles are eligible. Then, you can stream the games you already own and find out which storefronts are supported for those you still want to add. Nvidia’s GeForce Now library webpage is a solid place to start: It simplifies the process by letting you search the service’s catalog of over 1,500 support titles.

Google hasn’t announced how long the promotion will be available, except to say it’s for a limited time only. Chromebook owners can claim the offer on this “special perks” webpage.