Google announces new scam detection tools that provide real-time alerts during phone calls

The AI looks for conversation patterns typically associated with fraudsters.


Google just announced forthcoming scam detection tools coming to Android phones later this year, which is a good thing as these scammers keep getting better and better at parting people from their money. The toolset, revealed at Google I/O 2024, is still in the testing stages but uses AI to suss out fraudsters in the middle of a conversation.

You read that right. The AI will be constantly on the hunt for conversation patterns commonly associated with scams. Once detected, you’ll receive a real-time alert on the phone, putting to bed any worries that the person on the other end is actually heading over to deliver a court summons or whatever.

Google gives the example of a “bank representative” asking for personal information, like PINs and passwords. These are uncommon bank requests, so the AI would flag them and issue an alert. Everything happens on the device, so it stays private. This feature isn’t coming to Android 15 right away and the company says it’ll share more details later in the year. We do know that people will have to opt-in to use the tool.

Google made a big move with Android 15, bringing its Gemini chatbot to actual devices instead of requiring a connection to the cloud. In addition to this scam detection tech, the addition of onboard AI will allow for many more features, like contextual awareness when using apps.

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