'The Good Doctor' Has a Major Taylor Swift Moment

Freddie Highmore and Taylor Swift

Sure, Taylor Swift's eldest cat, Meredith Grey, was named for the title character on ABC's Grey's Anatomy. But that doesn't mean the pop star can't share an association with the network's other hit medical drama, The Good Doctor, too. Enter new character Charlene “Charlie” Lukaitis, a third-year medical student with autism who's a fan of both Dr. Shaun Murphy (at least at first) and the "Anti-Hero" singer.

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Introduced in tonight's episode ("Skin in the Game"), Charlie referred to Swift right out of the gate, comparing her own opportunity to work with Dr. Murphy to the lyrics of "Mastermind" ("What if I told you none of it was accidental? / ... It was all my design / 'Cause I'm a mastermind").

As if that alone didn't prove Charlie's allegiance to friendship bracelets, the aspiring doctor also shared how she uses Swift songs as mnemonic devices. She remembers LTC BB (something to do with the bronchial tubes?), for example, as "Lover," "Treacherous," "Cardigan," "Babe" and "Bejeweled." (Unclear if she'll make a good surgeon, but she probably excels at matching Swift songs to their acronyms.)

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The most delightful moment of the episode came when Charlie's fellow third-year, Dom, cheered her up by playing and dancing with her to "Bejeweled" at the end of a tough day (Dr. Murphy, who doesn't like Charlie, kicked her out of his operating room). The moment wasn't quite the needle drop that "Love Story" was on The Bear, but it was a heartwarming scene nonetheless.

The 'Bejeweled' moment between Dom and Charlie.<p>Disney/Jeff Weddell</p>
The 'Bejeweled' moment between Dom and Charlie.

Disney/Jeff Weddell

If Taylor ever gets a fourth cat, maybe she can name him/her after one of St. Bonaventure's finest: Shaun? Glassy? Park? Lim? Actually, scratch that. You know Taylor's favorite character on The Good Doctor is Morgan Reznick.

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