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Going on a plane? Spare yourself from screaming kids with the earplugs Courteney Cox swears by - just over $3 a pop

The 'Friends' actress said she 'can't sleep without' Mack's Earplugs and that they 'completely block out sound.'

Got a vacation coming up? Woohoo! It's always so nice having time to recharge...but you know what's not relaxing? Getting on a plane and being subjected to hours of wailing babies. Sure, you could try drowning out their cries with those cheap foam earplugs most airlines hand out, but for many of us, they're uncomfortable and never seem to stay put. A better option? Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone Putty Earplugs, which conform to the shape of your ear for a custom fit. Even Friends star Courteney Cox swears by 'em for bedtime. So whether you're a light sleeper, jet setter or both, at just over $3 a pop at Amazon (a 2-pack is $7), there's no reason not to stock up.

These squishy noise reducers are just as comfy as they are helpful when you're trying to enjoy some peace and quiet. 

  • Made of soft silicone for comfort and a tight seal
  • Ideal for sleep, travel, concerts, swimming and more
  • Reviewers say you can get several uses out of them
  • Reviewers say they can stick to your hair
$3 at Amazon

Just how much does Courteney rely on these earplugs? The actress told The Strategist: "Two things I can’t sleep without: earplugs and my night guard." Well okay, then!

She continued, "I am a freak about hearing stuff when I sleep. I’ve tried a lot of earplugs before — I’ve been using them for at least ten years — and I can hear through most of them. I can hear my dogs barking downstairs. I can hear a door closing. But these Mack’s ones really work. I use these every single night. They give you foam ones on airplanes, which I hate, so I wanted something different. With these, you don’t have to squeeze them, put them in, and hope they properly expand; these mold around my ear and completely block out sound."

Because these earplugs are made of a soft silicone putty, they not only fit inside the contours of your ear, but also create a better seal than other styles. Plus, wearing them while you fly can help alleviate painful pressure in your ears (while sparing you from the sound of your neighbor chomping away on pretzels).

With a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 22 decibels, they're ideal for sleeping, attending loud concerts, riding motorcycles...pretty much any instance where you could use a little less noise.

Courteney Cox wearing a black top and gold jewelry on a pink background
Even a loud "Scream" is no match for these Courteney Cox-approved earplugs. (Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage)

Amazon customers love Mack's Earplugs for their ability to keep both noise and water out of your ears.

"I've been using Mack's moldable earplugs since 1964," raved one longtime user. "I had major ear surgery as a child. Almost any amount of water in the ear, from swimming or showering, can cause an ear infection. All on its own (without swim cap, etc) no ear plug is going to provide total protection. But Mack's comes the closest!"

"These are a lifesaver," gushed another fan. "I live in a noisy city, but I also have a sick foster kitty. He is waking up often, and these help drown out the noise I don't need to hear while still allowing me to know if something is really wrong. I absolutely love them and would be miserable without. Normal earplugs are always falling out of my ear. The only thing you have to get used to is your hair sticking a bit to the wax, but a small hassle to pay."

This final fan put it succinctly: "Been using for 2 years. Tried everything else. This one aids in my sleep every single night."

Psst: Want to avoid swimmer's ear? These are the official earplugs of USA Swimming. 

$3 at Amazon

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"Just ordered my second pair ... cause my girlfriend loves mine and stole them," wrote a five-star reviewer. "I love them as well, hence the second pair. They are extremely comfortable and the fit is perfect. ... You won’t find a better pair of slides that look as good as these and are as comfortable as these."

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