’GMA’s Ginger Zee Delights Fans With Candid Pics of ‘Normal Family Stuff’

Ginger Zee

Fans were charmed by Ginger Zee's latest update as the Good Morning America meteorologist shared a peek into her day-to-day home life in new photos.

Zee updated fans on how her younger son Miles is exploring a passion for photography, with the 6-year-old "secretly" taking photos of her as she did some housework.

"There are a series (dozens) of photos taken by Miles secretly as I washed dishes this weekend…" she began in the caption. "Then I notice and Mr. Mischief keeps capturing my not thrilled approach as I take the camera away."

Zee said that she had a discussion with her son about how "he just needs to ask before he starts snapping with someone else’s equipment 😂," before asking fans to give suggestions of titles for his candid photo series.

A few great options were "a mother in motion 😄," "Real Life with Ginger Z❤️," and "Being mom," while other fans commented on how nice it was to see a snapshot of Zee's life at home.

"The real you 😍. This is the beauty of life not that made up for TV you," wrote one, while a second declared, "It’s nice just to see normal family stuff !"

Many people were encouraging of Miles' interest in photography, calling him "talented behind the lens" and complimenting his "great composition," as another advised Zee to keep the photos handy for Miles to look back on in the future, saying, "they seem silly in the moment but when he is grown they will mean the world to him 🥰."

Along with her son Miles, Zee also shares an older son named Adrian with her husband, Ben Aaron, whom she married in 2014. Recently, the couple got a break from the chaos of home and work as they attended a family wedding, with Zee stunning her fans in a beautiful blush dress.

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