Glastonbury: Meet the people inside the festival

Glastonbury Festival attracts worldwide attention at Worthy Farm with thousands enjoying the music in Somerset. It is a huge operation to put on and is kept going by thousands of hardworking people across the 900-acre site.

BBC Radio Somerset has been meeting the people 'Inside Glastonbury' who help to keep the festival running smoothly.

Luke Howell, sustainability manager

Man stood in high-vis jacket at the top of Glastonbury Festival site
Luke Howell manages the festival's sustainability and green initiatives [BBC]

Glastonbury Festival becomes a mini-city for five days each year.

Every city needs a massive waste collection operation and that is just the same at Worthy Farm in Somerset.

Luke Howell manages the festival's sustainability and green initiatives.

He told the Inside Glastonbury series on BBC Sounds: "Yes there’s a lot of waste here at Glastonbury, but actually per person it works out lower than you’d see if they were at home.

"We have hundreds and hundreds of bins around site which can separate rubbish into general waste, carboard and plastics.

"The festival wouldn’t happen without our volunteers, sanitation volunteers and most importantly, the people that want to clean the toilets."

Joanne Schofield, Worthy FM

Women sat on chair with Worthy FM sign behind her
Joanne Schofield runs Worthy FM [BBC]

A pop-up radio station has been present on the site since the 1970's, informing festival-goers about what is going on.

From traffic reports for getting onto the site, to the inside gossip of who are the surprise guests, Worthy FM is at the heart of the festival.

Joanne Schofield runs the radio station and has been involved for 20 years.

"We are the voice of the festival from when it starts," she said.

"We are the escapism from everything around the world to just people excited about the festival.

"It gives the audience a chance to discover the underground side of the festival.

"I started in 2004 and now I’m one of the oldest members of the team.

"As the festival has grown, so have we, and Worthy FM is bigger than ever."

Julian Temperley, Somerset Cider Bus

Man stood in front of big blue bus saying 'Cider Bus'
Julian Temperley is the man behind The Cider Bus which has featured at Glastonbury since 1971 [BBC]

A giant festival based in Somerset would not be complete without cider.

The Cider Bus has been selling its local tipple on Worthy Farm for more than 50 years.

It has been a fixture at Glastonbury since 1971, the second-ever festival.

The man behind the famous Cider Bus is Julian Temperley.

He said: "Cider is a unique part of our Somerset culture and I feel proud to share it with thousands.

"It's a great concept having the bus with cider and it attracts loads of people.

"We’ve had all sorts of celebrities serving on the bus, we once had Jodie Kidd.

"After three days in a tent though, they don’t always look as glamourous as they usually would."

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