Girl Scouts Planning 'World Domination' With New Sweet Treat at Costco

Girls Scouts cookies

Girl Scouts is turning one of its most iconic cookies into another sweet treat, and it has fans insisting the brand is planning "world domination."

In a new social media post shared on Sunday, April 28, food blogger Markie Devo unveiled the cookie-turned-candy: Girl Scouts Thin Mints Mini Bars.

"The Scouts are definitely planning world domination at this point.😬," the comical caption read.

"These feature mint flavored 100% real dark chocolate blended with crunchy chocolate cookie crumbles," the caption continued to share of the new release, adding that they are currently "exclusive to Costco."

In response, fans took to the comment section with their reactions.

"Hope these come to my Costco!" one exclaimed, as another wrote, "Oooh yum 🤩."

Meanwhile, someone else admitted they're not a club member, lamenting, "*LOUD BAWLING NOISES!* I don't have a costco membership. Hope these will get to other stores besides costco."

This isn't the first time Girl Scouts has experimented with turning their cookies into different types of treats.

Thin Mints Bites and Thin Mints Pretzels are also available at other retailers like Walmart and BJ's Wholesale Club, as well as Coconut Caramel Bites at some Target stores, which seem to be inspired by the brand's Samoas cookies.

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Additionally, Thin Mints fans can rejoice even more, as a new frozen treat has hit grocery shelves—and just in time for summer.

Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches feature peppermint ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate mint cookies and, like the original Chipwich, an outer coating of chocolate chips.

Fans have already spotted the new frozen treat at Costco, with one Reddit user admitting that they "would recommend" spending the $12 on the 10-count box of "chocolatey mint good."

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