Gina Rinehart hits back at Celeste Barber's fiery tweet

Gina Rinehart, Chairman of Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd., during a tour of the company's Roy Hill Mine operations under construction in the Pilbara region, Western Australia, on Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014.
Gina Rinehart, chairperson of Hancock Prospecting, is worth $13.81 billion. Photo: Getty Images.

Multi-billionaire mining magnate Gina Rinehart has defended herself following searing criticism from fellow Aussie Celeste Barber, who questioned her philanthropic efforts amid the current bushfire crisis.

As her fundraiser for the Aussie bushfire crisis ticks over to $47 million after just six days, Instagram star Celeste called the country’s wealthiest person out in a fiery tweet on Tuesday.

In a statement provided to Yahoo Lifestyle, a spokesperson for the Hancock Prospecting chairwoman claims she ‘prefers to give privately’.

Celeste Barber visits BuzzFeed's "AM To DM' to discuss her first network comedy special "Challenge Accepted" on October 29, 2019 in New York City.
Celeste Barber has taken aim at multi-billionaire Gina Rinehart. Photo: Getty Images.

“Mrs Rinehart prefers to give privately. She added privately to the collection for firefighting raised at her home last night, at which approximately 150 guests were present,” the statement read.

The value or form of the contribution made by Gina - who had an estimated net worth of $13.81 billion in 2019 - was not disclosed.

“She is most concerned that the true causes of this sad devastation are tackled, rather than missed in the rush to blame climate change. In particular, restrictions on building dams are lifted, the dangerous restrictions on allowing adequate fire breaks and restrictions on land clearing, which regulations have helped to cause life and stock losses, property damage, and damage to livelihoods and much suffering,” the statement continued.

Celeste Barber slams Gina Rinehart

Comedian/actor Celeste took to Twitter earlier this week to haul the wealthy Western Australian - who Forbes considers one of the richest women in the world - over the coals.

“Hey Gina Rinehart where the hell are you and all your money?! If you’re in Hawaii on a family holiday I’m going to flip a f*cking table. #firecrisis,” she tweeted on Tuesday evening.

Celeste slammed mining magnate Gina on Twitter. Photo: Twitter/celestebarber_
Celeste slammed mining magnate Gina on Twitter. Photo: Twitter/celestebarber_

Earlier that same day, Celeste delivered a scathing message to billionaires worldwide, comparing their generous donations following France’s Notre-Dame cathedral fire to their apparent reluctance to contribute to the current catastrophe.

“We need assistance, please billionaires,” she demanded in a video uploaded to her Instagram Stories, which she also captioned, ‘Get busy billionaires’.

Celeste barber calls out billionaires online
'Get busy billionaires,' Celeste said online. Photo: Instagram/celestebarber.

As well as raising tens of millions of dollars for the state’s hard-working firies, Celeste and her ‘hot husband’ Api Robin have also been on the ground volunteering at a local donations centre.

To date, bushfires burning across Australia since late 2019 have claimed the lives of 24 people, destroyed 2,500 homes and wiped out half a billion animals.

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