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Giada De Laurentiis' blade of choice is a santoku — get a bestseller for over 50% off in time for Mother's Day

There are so many knives on the market that it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs. Not to mention, they can cost a pretty penny! So when a star like Giada De Laurentiis says her go-to blade is a santoku knife, we take note. This versatile tool has a shorter, thinner blade than a chef's knife, making it ideal for slicing with greater precision. Looking for one that won't disappoint? This deal is worth checking out: The price of the No. 1 bestselling Imarku 7-Inch Santoku Knife has been trimmed from $70 to $32. If your mom is a whiz in the kitchen, this do-it-all blade also makes for a great last-minute Mother's Day gift.

Whether you're slicing meat and fish or mincing veggies, this highly rated knife is designed to handle the job like a champ. 

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$32 at Amazon

Our trackers tell us that this is one of the lowest prices this knife has hit all year — it's almost 50% off with the on-page coupon! Santoku knives can cost $100 or even more (like this Zwilling knife), making the Imarku a steal. Plus, it has thousands of five-star ratings to back it up, and with Amazon's Prime shipping, it'll arrive in time for Mother's Day.

In an interview with CNN Underscored, Giada reveals that her go-to slicing tool is a Japanese santoku knife. "You want one that feels good in your hand," she says.

The Imarku Santoku Knife was crafted with comfort in mind. Its lightweight, ergonomic Pakkawood handle is smoother than actual wood (not to mention, easier to clean) and was designed to minimize wrist stress while offering a stable grip. The 2.5-millimeter blade is made of stainless steel that's rust-, corrosion- and discoloration-resistant; so as long as you keep it sharp, it should endure many a meal-prep session. Word to the wise: Skip the dishwasher and wash this knife (and, in my opinion, all knives) by hand to prolong its life.

One cool feature? Those little hollowed-out ovals lining the blade help prevent sticking, a boon when you're slicing watery onions and tomatoes.

giada de laurentiis wearing a black top on a purple and blue background
Giada De Laurentiis says a santoku knife is a must — so chop-chop, it's time to shop. (Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

This knife has more than made the cut for 3,600 Amazon customers, who were impressed enough to give the Imarku a perfect five-star rating.

"[It's] very comfortable to cut with for long periods," shared one satisfied shopper. "I cook a lot and have difficulties with cutting things ... for a long period of time, as it really hurts my wrists. I have not experienced this with these knives."

"This knife is incredibly sharp and has remained so after many uses over the past six months," wrote another happy home cook. "In fact, I have to concentrate fully when I'm cutting because this would do serious damage to your fingers. It's been washed many times and shows no signs of discoloration or oxidation. The blade is very secure in the handle. The handle is very comfortable and makes chopping a joy."

"After a decade of using the same knives we've had since college, I can't believe it took this long to upgrade!" exclaimed a third buyer. "This knife is so smooth, and the blade has a great balance. The handle is a good size for both genders to use (sometimes handles are too big for my smaller lady hands), and it's just beautiful to look at as well."

Because this blade is straight, rather than curved, one reviewer felt it wasn't as flexible as other types of knives. "I gave maneuverability four stars, only because a knife this shape could never have the maneuverability of, for example, a boning knife," they said. However, they also mentioned, "I had been using heavier Zwilling knives, and found that with my aging hands, I needed something lighter. I am pleased with this purchase because it is easy to hold and cuts well."

"The only con I have is that it is so sharp, it [might] be intimidating to the average user at first," wrote a final fan, "but after a couple of veggies, you adapt to the pressure [needed] to cut." They added, "When I use this knife, it feels like I am slicing through the seams of reality. It cuts through vegetables like they are non-existent. I thought it would cut through my cutting board, but alas, my cutting board survived the onslaught."

Hate slicing slippery tomatoes? This trusty tool is going to make that dreaded task so much easier. 

Save $38 with on-page coupon
$32 at Amazon

And to keep your new favorite chopper nice and sharp, how about this bestselling sharpener?

With this No. 1 bestselling knife sharpener, you'll never have a dull moment in the kitchen again. Equipped with three slots for sharpening, repairing, straightening and polishing, it'll take your old blades from tired to like-new in just a few swipes. Plus, it comes with a cut-resistant glove to spare you from painful nicks.

"This is an incredible tool," raved a reviewer. "Five-year-old expensive knives that I knew were dull feel like new — I didn’t realize how bad they were until I cut an onion right after sharpening them with this tool. Amazing."

$10 at Amazon

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