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Get 30% off 'best sex tool ever' and condoms in this kit for lovers

In honour of World Contraception Day on 26 September, sexual wellness store Frenchie is offering 30% off all of their condom bundles, including their Petit L' Ultimate Lovers Kit, down to $98 from $140.

World Contraception Day aims to improve awareness of all contraceptive methods available, and help people make informed choices on their sexual and reproductive health.

Frenchie's take is that contraception should still be fun - which their lovers kit definitely is.

The Petit L' Ultimate Lovers Kit including sex toy from Frenchie
Get 30% off Fremchie's Petit L' Ultimate Lovers Kit, which comes with condoms, wipes and a sex toy. Photo: Frenchie

The kit contains a Double Entendre Dual Motor Vibrator, 12 sachets of intimate Oui Oui Wipes, a silk play masque, a lovers dice set, a Beret condom and the piece de resistance - 12 Beret condoms with Hyaluronic Acid.

If you need convincing about the Double Entendre Dual Motor Vibrator, just take a look at the rave reviews here on the Frenchie site. One happy customer wrote, "Good lord this baby didn't disappoint," while another described it as "The best sex tool ever!!!!!! The only one you need ladies!!!".

The Beret condoms are ultra thin and made from 100% natural rubber latex.

They're electronically triple tested for safety, and have a unique buttercup design so you never have to guess which way is up.

They're fragrance-free, vegan and gluten-free, and free of synthetic ingredients.

A pack of Frenchie's ultra thin condoms
Frenchie's Beret condoms are ultra thin and made from 100% natural rubber latex. Credit: Frenchie


If you're looking for something a little different, the Beret condoms with Hyaluronic Acid contain water-based lubricant with hyaluronic acid, which acts as a magnet for water or moisture.

When it's used in condoms it can reduce inflammation and because it's water-based, it means no more stickiness or stained bed sheets.

PH balanced, helping to reduce the risk of recurring STIs and free of synthetic ingredients, they're TGA approved and registered.

In other words, the perfect way to celebrate World Contraception Day.

Two packs of Beret condoms with Hyaluronic Acid and water-based lubricant
The Beret condoms with hyaluronic acid contain water-based lubricant. Photo: Frenchie

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