Gemini Daily Horoscope – 02 September 2023

Today I wanted to do something different – I chose a card for each star sign from my new Moonology Messages oracle card deck which hasn’t been released yet but is already a best-seller! Find out how to get the cards and some great bonuses here!

Before you read futher, take a breath and bring your most pressing issue to mind, or set what question pops us, or just ask the Universe for life guidance… and now read on …

Your card is… DO NOTHING

Being a very powerful being, you know that you’re creating your reality with your thoughts and actions every day. Even so, drawing this card suggests that you need to do nothing for now. This is a time to tread water, so to speak. Allow at least 24 hours to pass before you take any further action. This isn’t the time to set intentions, make wishes, or try to influence anyone. Now is the time to just be. Meditate. Do yoga. Take a walk in nature. There is a good chance that whatever you’re worried about isn’t going to manifest. It is said that whatever begins under the Void of Course Moon bears no fruit, so drawing this card suggests any anxiety you have is unwarranted and will only cause you more issues. However, if you’re really hoping for something to happen, there is also a good chance it’s not going to – at least not yet. You need to be patient. This isn’t a negative card per se, but it does suggest no change is coming as yet.

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