Gatorade Has a New Limited-Edition Flavor at Walmart

It's just as mysterious as it looks.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

There are all sorts of exciting new drinks coming up on the horizon to keep us hydrated this summer, from fruity new Pepsi flavors to Barbie-themed bevs. But, none is cloaked in more mystery than Gatorade’s latest launch, an almost black beverage with little trace of identity.

Gatorade Launches New Midnight Ice

A new Gatorade flavor is now available on shelves, but we still don’t know exactly what the flavor is. According to an Instagram leak, the limited-edition Midnight Ice drink dropped this week with no description of the flavor.

Is it just us, or does this feel like last fall’s mystery flavor launch all over again?

The new Gatorade adds a whole new personality to the brand's vibrant line-up. The drink is intensely dark in color, giving off a moody, mysterious vibe that makes us want to put on Good Charlotte and wear our sweatshirt hoodies up. “Gothorade” one fan joked in the comments.

Although this limited-time flavor has yet to be identified, fans are comparing it to the discontinued Midnight Thunder flavor, swearing it's a reboot of the 1990s favorite. “Should have the original blackberry taste everyone from the late '90s remembers,” one fan shared. Given the retro lightening label sported on the bottle, the theory isn’t too far off.

Some fans are intrigued by the dark drink, while others would rather take their Gatorade without a side of secrecy. “I’m not drinking this dark black ahh drink,” one fan joked.

What Does It Taste Like?

Some fans who’ve had a first taste of the new Gatorade are reporting on their flavor findings. “It's like grape mixed with glacier frost,” one user shared.

But, the consensus from the comments so far is that the flavor tastes pretty light and even a bit watered down. “It doesn’t have much of a flavor…kinda grape, but kinda just sweet water/vitamin flavor…?” one user noted.

Others have said they wouldn’t pick it again over grape or other more established flavors. “When they bring back lemon ice come talk to me”, one customer concluded.

According to the Instagram post, the 28-ounce bottles will be available exclusively at 7-Eleven and associated stores, including Speedway and Stripes. The 20-ounce packs, however, will be exclusively sold at Walmart, while supplies last.

As discouraging as the initial reviews may be, we know our curiosity will likely get the best of us and we’ll be picking up a bottle as soon as we spot it on shelves.

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